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Avenue Gastrobar

Address13 S. Orange Ave.
Price Level$$

Wheelchair AccessMay be limited
BeveragesFull Bar
Noise LevelLoud Noise Level
Outdoor DiningNo
Late NightYes
Scott's Review

I’ll admit that I approached Avenue Gastrobar with the expectation that it would be like all the others -- glitzy on the surface with no substance in the kitchen. But my sampling of the menu convinced me that someone back there cares about what is coming out. A soup of the day, oddly named black bean soup, had all the characteristics of having been made in house. I say that it was oddly named because it wasn't a conventional black bean soup with turtle beans in a blackish broth. It did have the requisite Turks beans, but its broth was white and had a pleasant buttery note to it. A good soup but not the sort of thing you expect when you hear black bean soup. For my entree I chose the chicken pot pie, which featured chunks of breast meat and vegetables in a creamy white sauce (this time the sauce was exactly as anticipated). It was served in an oval casserole and was topped with an impossibly flaky poof of puffed pastry. It did not seem integral to the dish but rather like a lid that could be lifted off. Sort of looked like maybe the pot and the pie were baked separately and assembled for serving. Whatever, I liked it.

13 S. Orange Ave.

Contact Data:

Phone: 407-839-5039
Website: Avenue Gastrobar