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Pho Vinh

Address657 N. Primrose Drive
Price Level$$

M, T, W, TH, F, Sat, Sun
M , T , W , TH , F , Sat , Sun
No brunch offered
Dining Options
Wheelchair AccessYes
BeveragesBeer & Wine
Noise LevelLow Noise Level
Outdoor DiningNo
Late NightNo
Scott's Review

Like most of the other Vietnamese restaurants in the area, Pho Vinh’s menu is larger than you would think it would need to be. With over 180 items, the menu is a lot to take in and, well, digest. I knew I wanted soup when I visited, so instead of wading through the various pho, metaphorically speaking, I zeroed in on the section of the menu labeled “House Soups Specials.” How can you go wrong there?I selected the bun mang vit, or what is more commonly referred to as ol’ number 72. It was a beef-based soup with slender rice vermicelli noodles, the meat of a duck leg (sans bones) and miniature planks of bamboo shoots. Accompanying the soup were stacks of crunchy bean sprouts and fresh, green basil, plus some slices of jalapeno for heat and limes for tartness. A good, filling soup -- especially nice on cold days. The decor is pleasant, bright and tidy. Service was friendly and welcoming.

657 N. Primrose Drive

Contact Data:

Phone: 407-228-0043