AddressDisney's Contemporary Resort
Walt Disney World
CityBay lake
Scott's Review

The first full-serve to open at Disney in years, the Wave is an initial disappointment, not only in its food, which peters out on the plate, but in the decor, which peters out beyond the classy bar. There are two gimmicks here: a "green" menu (notice the "sustainable seafood of the day" selection), and a wine list comprised almost entirely of bottles with screwcap closures. Never fear, these are mainly premium wines gathered by master sommelier John Blazon.

The menu is surprisingly limited, and the food is even more surprisingly unexciting.

Appetizers were downright disappointing. The crab cakes had too much filler and a mealy texture. Lettuce wraps featured pebble-sized pieces of lamb along with bay scallops the size of an eraser on the end of a No. 2 pencil. They were sauteed in soy-rice wine vinegar and presented as a soggy mess that diners are supposed to scoop into lettuce leaves to eat. This one would have been a failure at half the price, which still would have been too much to charge.

The best among the entrees I sampled was the fish of the day, a halibut fillet. It was fresh-tasting and had a lovely crisped exterior and beautiful white flesh insi... Read more

Wine Bar George
Address1610 E. Buena Vista Drive
CityLake Buena Vista
Scott's Review
Not your typical wine bar. It's two stories, serves some serious food, and it's all overseen by a certified master sommelier, George Miliotes, who loves to introduce his guests to new wines. If he makes a suggestion, take it.... Read more
Wine Room
Address270 S Park Ave
CityWinter Park

A sort of Wine-O-Mat concept wherein you pay as much as you want and are handed a debit card with that amount loaded on it. Then you wander about the space, which has dozens of automated wine stations. When you spot a wine you want to sample, you select it, insert your card, and place your glass under the spigot. Sample, sip, repeat. But don't expect a lot in the way of nibbles. A meager cheese platter may be your only hope.

... Read more