Newsy Nuggets: No Buffets Allowed

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Whiskey togo ext

Formerly known as Bullet Point Buffet. We’re not really doing buffets anymore, and I was never really comfortable with the allusion of live ammunition. So welcome to the first edition of Newsy Nuggets.

The Whiskey has reopened on Restaurant Row. It had closed last Friday when the governor ordered bars to stop serving on premise drinks. But the Whiskey, despite its name, is actually a restaurant at its core – you’ve had their burger, haven’t you? – so it’s back as of noon today.

Socially Distanced Fireworks Saturday at Grande Lakes Orlando

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GL Fireworks

Fireworks displays are going to be scarce this year. That’s understandable.

But Grande Lakes Orlando, home of the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott, will host a fireworks display, and you can see it and enjoy a socially distanced dinner, as well.

Here’s the plan. Make a dinner reservation for Saturday, July 4, at Highball & Harvest (or Primo, Whisper Creek Farm: The Kitchen or Bleu) and when it’s time for the fireworks (9 p.m. sharp), you’ll be invited to a separated area where you and your family can enjoy the show safely.

And if your dinner table has a view of the lake, as many of them at H&H do, you can just stay seated and watch from there.

Grande Lakes has put together a comprehensive set of safety guidelines that include staff screening, frequent cleansing, traffic control, and mandatory face coverings for staff.

You’ll be asked to wear a mask, too. So during the fireworks, those muffled oohs and ahhs might sound more like muuh and ahhm, but the effect will be the same.

You’re definitely going to want to make a reservation, so visit the resort’s dining pages for information.

Takeout, Take Two

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Takeout sack

As COVID-19 numbers increase throughout the state, restaurant owners are learning that staff or customers or both have potentially brought the coronavirus inside their newly reopened dining rooms. The responsible ones are choosing to close for deep cleaning and full-staff testing. Some, according to anonymous and unverified reports, choose to continue with business as usual.

Among those that have reclosed, most have indicated that when they are cleared to reopen, they will go back to offering only takeout and delivery. They seem to think it was too soon to start offering on-premises dining.

I’m staying with takeout, for the more part, too. So let’s go over some things to consider when ordering takeout or delivery.

Wine Bar George Finds Room for Whiskey

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HY Whiskey Horizontal

How does Whiskey Bar George sound?

Wine Bar George, the Disney Springs restaurant and grape juice outlet owned and operated by master sommelier Geroge Miliotes, has added a signature whiskey to its portfolio: Hooten Young American Whiskey.

The whiskey is being distributed by Hooten Young Wine and Sprits, a local company that was previously known mostly for cigars. It’s owned by Tim Young and Norm Hooten, the latter a former special operations soldier with the singular distinction of having been portrayed by Eric Bana in the movie Black Hawk Down.