Victoria & Albert's Servers Now Dressing the Part

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VandA uniforms

Here’s something about 30 years overdue. The serving staff at the upscale Victoria & Albert’s restaurant at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa now wear uniforms worthy of the upscale venue.

Gone are the Downton Abbeyish turn of the 20th century costumes of high-collared blouses and footman jackets. They served the story of the restaurant but somehow were contrary to the level of dining to which the restaurant aspired, and which it always achieved in terms of food, ambience and service quality.

Now, both men and women servers wear dark tuxedo-like suits. It completely changes the tenor of the room, and the cast members look like the professionals they are.

The servers began wearing the new uniforms Tuesday, and a quick survey revealed that they are thrilled with the change.

You may remember that when the restaurant first opened, not only did the servers wear the Victorian costumes, their name tags all read either Victoria or Albert. That bit of hokum was abandoned early on.

What do you think of the new style?