Wines to buy in recessionary times

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In times like these, here are ten wines you should be buying.

Truthfully, what’s in your shopping cart in economic times like these? Often I get approached by the revolving question. “What do you recommend for every day, that’s affordable?” So, define affordable - $5.99?  8.99? 10.99? 14.99?  The market is flooded with competitive price points in the swim lane of $8.99 - $13.99 and there are some tasty options to seek out.

Below are some of my favorite wine categories that deliver fruit intensity and balance when and if the money belt gets tighter. Some of you may have tried these wines before or perhaps not.  I continue to be impressed as to how these specific ten grapes position themselves as value centered wine producing areas to discover and hit the mark. So look for these grapes from these regions and you’re likely to find some good buys. Sorry, no Chardonnay or Merlot hints below.


    Verdejo (vair –day’-yo) from Spain (pictured) – drinks like crisp Sauvignon Blanc, fresh floral and refreshing but with complexity and depth.verdejo grapes

    Torrontes (tor - ron -tez ) from Argentina – if you like floral and aromatic crisp whites, look no further than this charmer to hit the high notes on warm     summer days.

    Sauvignon Blanc from Chile – look for the Casablanca Valley designate. Wines from this area deliver all the tangy grapefruit, lime citrus and herbal notes at     tremendous price points.

    Chenin Blanc from South Africa – its most widely planted grape variety produces delicious crisp and fruity styles to sip by the pool.

    Riesling from Australia – a drier style than traditional Germany or WA state but with sharper acid levels which highlight the natural essence of lime citrus, simply refreshing.


Garnacha (aka Grenache) from Spain, regions such as Campo de Borja, Navarra – this is Spain’s most widely planted red wine and it’s  a steal if you like explosive red cherry, raspberry with hints of white pepper in a not so shy alcohol level 14 % +.

Monastrell (also known as Mourvèdre) from Spain, regions such as Jumilla, Yecla, - Think of juicy black plums, huckleberry pie, blackberry jam and you’ve found out one of Spain’s best kept secrets. Its popularity on wine lists as an easy drinking fruit bomb is not slowing down anytime soon.

Tempranillo (tem-pran-nee’-yo) from La Mancha, Spain  - This massive wine production zone was only good for growing table grapes or grapes destined for distilling Spanish brandy. Now, through acquiring drip irrigation the vineyards can moderate the vine stress and heat to produce quality wines. These wines are amazing for the price.

Malbec from Argentina – Malbec continues to edge into the Cabernet and Merlot drinkers rolodex with outstanding fruit at various price points. You can’t go wrong with Malbec from Argentina at any price point. If you really want a treat, spend a little more to truly see what this grape really can do.

Carmenère  (Car-meh-nair’-ay) from Chile – Dark roasted espresso beans, black plums, juicy black berry, hints of mint, soft and supple. Can you tell I’m a fan? You have got to experience this grape and see what all the fuss is about.

John Blazon MS    



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