Jade interior

I wanted Jade Sushi & New Asian to be better than it was. I expected it, in fact.

I had not been to this Edgewater Drive address since the restaurant was known as Jade Bistro and, in 2003, replaced a rather sketchy Chinese restaurant that I never had the courage to eat at. Jade Bistro, too, leaned more toward Chinese with its menu, though it did introduce sushi, which at the time was showing up on all types of Asian menus, even some non-Asian ones.

Jade Sushi & New Asian places the sushi more prominently, at least in the name. Sushi traditionalists might be disappointed in a dearth of classic rolls and a preponderance of items with cream cheese.

Pig Floyd Foodster

Sam Miller of Pig Floyd's Urban Barbakoa in Mills 50 recently accepted the platinum Best Barbecue Foodster Award for Independent Restaurants. Since the restaurant opened, in 2014, the owners have opened a second location, in Lake Nona. Congratulations to all.

And a reminder: Voting ends at midnight for our current Foodster category of Best Microbrewer. Head over to the Foodster page to place your ballot if you haven't already done so.


Theo Schoenegger has been named executive chef for the upcoming Disney Springs restaurants Maria & Enzo’s and Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar. Patina Restaurant Group, which will operate the Italian themed restaurants, made the announcement Wednesday.

Schoenegger had most recently been the chef at Sinatra, a fine dining restaurant in the Wynn Las Vegas. That restaurant featured twists on classic Italian dishes that were favorites of Frank Sinatra, who, according to the statement, Schoenegger cooked for when he lived in New York.

There, he also worked at Rock Center Cafe and with restaurateur Tony May at Palio and San Domenico.

Schoenegger is a native of San Candido, Italy, and credits his mother with teaching him early cooking skills and how to use local ingredients.

The new Disney Springs restaurants will include varieties of amuse bouche upon being seated, a selection of fine Italian wines, table-side preparation and service. Dishes will include Melanzane Parmigiana (eggplant Parmesan); handmade pastas such as Busiate con Granchio (spiral pasta with crab); and ‘Ncasciata al Forno (Sicilian baked pasta), served tableside.

Maria & Enzo’s and Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar are slated for “winter” openings. Stay tuned.

Cork and Fork burger

I recently made a second visit to Cork & Fork, a restaurant in the Belle Isle neighborhood. I made my first visit there two years and three days earlier.

I didn’t write about it then because I found the restaurant, its food and its service to all be equally banal. (The name of the place, too, as long as I’m at it.) Also, it occupied a space that had not been known for keeping tenants very long. I figured it would slink off into obscurity without any help from me.

But it’s stayed on, which is more than Belle Isle Bayou was able to do, though it seems to me the owners of Cork & Fork didn’t feel any need to change the New Orleans centric decor of the previous occupant. So I figured it was time to stop in again and check the place out, to see what has kept it going.


Has the food truck trend run out of gas?

Once a novelty, food trucks are now commonplace in Central Florida. In 2011, when they first started coming to the area, they were showcased at events and rallies where they were the very focus of the gatherings.

Now you'll find food trucks on street corners and in parking lots, and often one or two will be parked outside of popular bars, bigger versions of latter day hot dog stands. That comparison may have something to do with the waning of their popularity, but we'll come back to that.

There are still food truck events, but there are signs that they're becoming less popular. In fact, the original food truck event, a monthly gathering at Fashion Square Mall, has been cancelled for December.