Compliments of the Chef: "Old Fashioned" Duck Sliders from The Whiskey

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Whiskey Duck Sliders

Chastity Harvey, the executive chef at The Whiskey, has found a fun way to work some of the restaurant’s namesake into a duck and chorizo slider she features.

She takes the ingredients that would go into a traditional Old Fashioned cocktail and new-fashions an aioli with them. Add some arugula, marinated tomatoes and a smear of brie and you’ve got a great slider.

Mix yourself an Old Fashioned and watch the video as Harvey explains the process, then give the recipe below a try.

Just don’t drink the aioli.

Old Fashioned Duck Sliders
Yields 32 2-ounce sliders

“Old Fashioned” Aioli
6 Egg Yolks
1 cup oil
1 tablespoon honey
4 filthy cherries, plus 1 tbsp filthy cherry juice
1 tablespoon sugar in the raw
1 ounce Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Add yolks, honey, sugar, and cherries to a food processor and blend.
Add half Jack Daniel’s to yolk mixture as it blends.
Slowly add oil in a steady stream.
Finish with rest of Jack Daniel’s and a pinch of salt.

Ground Duck and Chorizo sliders
3 pounds ground duck breast and thighs, bones removed.
1 pound ground chorizo, outer casing removed.

Cut chorizo into 1/2-1 inch pieces.
Add to food processor and process into tiny, consistent pieces.
Add to ground duck and blend until evenly distributed.

Marinated tomatoes:
2 cups diced tomatoes
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons honey
Salt to taste

Mix all together and let marinade while preparing the sliders.

To grill:
Pat the duck and chorizo mix into 32 firm patties. Place on grill and grill approximately three minutes on each side.

For assembly:
1 8-ounce bag of arugula, tossed in light oil
Brie, softened, rind removed
32 slider-sized buns

Place a small amount of arugula and a spoonful of marinated tomatoes on the bottom of a bun. Place a grilled slider on top of the tomatoes. Place a dollop of the Old Fashioned aioli on top of the slider. Then smear some softened brie on the top part of the bun.