Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi

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Wave sushi

I had a meeting in Mount Dora recently so I decided to combine the trip with a visit to Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi. I'm glad I didn't make a special drive just to eat at this new restaurant. Much of the experience was merely mediocre.

A sushi appetizer of assorted nigirizushi, including shrimp, salmon, tuna and surimi, was lifeless.

The Beef Rice Bowl was disappointing, too, but mainly because I had ordered the Chicken Tempura. With my appointment time looming, I just accepted the dish, which featured bits of chewy beef in a heavy soy based sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

wave beef

One bright spot: My server recognized her mistake just before I finished and boxed up the correct entree for me to take with me. And a quick bite in the parking lot showed the tempura to be nicely executed, just a light breading and not at all oily.

And another on the plus side: prices are pretty reasonable. Seven dollars for five pieces of sushi and $8 for the tempura. Even the beef dish that I didn't want was only 10 bucks.

Wave Interior

The space is a bit drab. Located on the second floor of a retail and office building downtown, Wave's dining room is a study in grays. If there is an actual sushi bar, I didn't see it.

If you're in Mount Dora and you have a yen for Asian food, and don't want to spend a lot of yen for it, a visit here would be fine. But at the risk of making waves, I wouldn't make a special trip here.

Wave Asian Bistro & Sushi is at 301 N. Baker St., Mount Dora. It is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. The website is still under construction. The phone number is 352-383-9283.