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Figsprime interior

When I first reviewed Fig’s Prime, in November of 2017, when it was still new, I had a few issues but concluded that if the staff would pay more attention to details it could become a premier dining destination for the Altamonte Springs and Longwood community.

Attention has been paid.

On a return visit, I found the food and service had risen to match the lovely surroundings, and my dining companions and I had a very nice meal.

Figsprime bruschetta

We were treated to an amuse bouche of Bruschetta, chopped tomatoes (light on the garlic, thank you) dashed with olive oil and served on crostini.

Figsprime calamari

For an appetizer, we shared the Calamari special that had the squid cooked in brodo instead of breaded and fried, which is the way it is offered on the set menu. The ringlets were sufficiently al dente and the broth was nice when sopped up with the toasted croutons.

Figsprime veal

One of my guests chose the Veal Scaloppini, which had the cutlets breaded and sauteed then topped with prosciutto, roasted red peppers and melted fontina cheese, all served in a buttery white wine sauce. The meat was sufficiently tender and the sauce well executed.

Figsprime chicken

The scaloppini was closer, technically, to a saltimbocca preparation. And the Chicken Rebosado could have passed for a piccata. Rebosado is a Filipino dish that is almost always made with shrimp that are battered and deep fried. The chicken breasts here were battered and served in a lemon butter caper sauce – as I said, like chicken piccata. But what it lost in authenticity it regained in taste.

Figsprime steak

I went with the Prime New York Strip, a 14 ounce cut with a peppery crust grilled pretty close to medium rare. It was served with mashed potatoes and asparagus, the same sides that accompanied the rebosado/piccata. The scaloppini/saltimbocca had the mashed potatoes but Brussels sprouts for the veg. One of my niggles from the first review was that all dishes had the same sides, so at least there was a bit of variation.

Figsprime cocktail

Speaking of variations, Fig’s bar features a cocktail called Egyptian Cotton, which sounded a lot like the White Linen, the Luma on Park drink. Fig’s is made with New Amsterdam gin instead of Hendrick’s and leaves out the sweet and sour mix. But the St Germain and white cranberry juice are there. It’s a little sweeter that a White Linen but a refreshing sipper nonetheless.

Figsprime bar

I also held out hope last time that service would get better, and it has, at least if our server is any indication. She was attentive, knowledgable and sincere. She helped make the evening more enjoyable.

And I was impressed this time, just as I was the first time, that the hostess saw us approach the front door and rushed to open it for us as we arrived, and then again as we left.

That’s the sort of attention to detail that can really make a restaurant memorable.

Fig’s Prime is at 1188 Commerce Park Drive, Altamonte Springs. It is open for lunch Monday through Friday and dinner daily. The phone number is 407-960-1300.

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