Oh My Gyro

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Oh My Gyro exterior

Lots of people are all aflutter about a certain New York street food vendor coming to town. We’ll talk about that soon. But if you’re one of those longing for the kind of food prepared on a street-corner griddle, Oh My Gyro might be your kind of place.

In fact, in its Facebook description, it says that it serves “authentic New York Halal Cart Food.” Halal, of course, refers to meat prepared under the strictures of Muslim law. Sort of a Muslim equivalent of kosher.

Oh My Gyro gets its name from the web shorthand of OMG, which actually means oh my god. Not sure Oh My Gyro works as an expletive, but we’ll go with it.

Oh My Gyro interior

Despite its reference to New York cart food, Oh My Gyro works out of an actual restaurant space. The decor is spartan, but the food is honest.

Oh My Gyro gyro

I had my gryo as a platter instead of the usual sandwich. What this means is that the seasoned gyro meat and accouterments are put into an aluminum plate instead of rolled in a pita or lavosh.

Not that I had to do without the bread — there were pita squares included in my platter along with crispy lettuce, chopped onions and tomatoes, and rice. It’s a good option for those who want less carbs. And I liked that my takeout order included plenty of tzatziki sauce and some hot harissa, too.

The folks were welcoming and friendly, and the food was delivered quickly. Faster than you’d get it on the street.

Oh My Gyro is at 1150 W. State Road 434, Longwood. It is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. There is a website, but all it has on it is placeholder text. I’ve given the link to the Facebook page. The phone number is 407-960-4496.

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