Tastebuds Catering Food Truck

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If you’ve ever been to the Winter Park Farmers Market and spotted a big crowd surrounding a green vehicle, you were probably looking at Tastebuds Catering’s food truck. It’s a popular stop for the Saturday morning marketers, and I can understand why.

I caught up with the truck at a recent food truck gathering and sampled from Tastebuds’s Latin American menu. I had the Venezuelan arepas sandwich, which featured the corn meal patty, grilled so that it has a nice bit of charred glow, then split a la a pita pocket and filled with whatever meat or seafood you prefer. I had the shredded beef, but there was also lots of cheese in it, too. I got a bit of the creamy hot sauce on the side, and I was all set.

Other menu highlights include quesadillas, beef tostones, empanadas and tequenos, which are Venezuelan cheese sticks wrapped in dough and deep-fried.

Tastebuds can be found all over Central Florida, including the Farmers Market. Check out the website and Facebook page for up to date event info.

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