Kyoto Japanese Sushi & Grill

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Kyoto_Sushi_ExteriorI had a favorite little Japanese fast food joint near where I lived in Phoenix. You could pull up, run inside and leave with a bowl of curry to go in no time. And it was good. Well, good enough. I keep hoping someone will open a place like that here. But it’s been 23 years now, so maybe I should just get over it.

Still, I got my hopes up when I saw Kyoto Japanese Sushi & Grill open in a former fast food joint near UCF. But it wasn’t my beloved Arizona place finally come to Florida. And I saw no Japanese curry on the menu. But it did offer a quick meal. And it was good. Well, good enough.

Kyoto offers fast casual service -- order at the counter, take a seat and someone will bring you your food. The young woman who took my order was delightfully helpful. When I told her I couldn’t choose between sushi and kitchen foods, she recommended both in the form of one of the bento box lunches.

That got me a few coins of a California roll, a dumpling, an egg roll and a tempura main dish. Nothing Kyoto_bentostood out as wonderful, but nothing was unacceptable, either. Seating it typical fast food joint -- more utilitarian than comfortable. But all the staff were terrific. It was, like my old Phoenix place, good enough for a quick bite.

Kyoto Japanese Sushi & Grill is at 12141 Collegiate Way (it fronts University Boulevard), Orlando. There is another location on campus. It’s open for lunch and dinner daily. Here’s a link to the website. The phone number is 407-384-6881.