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Greektogo exterior

A restaurant with a name like Greek To Go should be uniquely suited to serving during these times of takeout and delivery. That’s what initially attracted me to the little Maitland eatery recently.

And I was drawn in by the menu of Mediterranean specialties like moussaka, falafel and of course Philly cheesesteak. Hmmm, OK.

I was also delighted that the restaurant had a user-friendly ordering portal in its website. (The link is only on the front page so if you go right to the menu link you’ll miss the online ordering link.)

And it also allows ine to order in advance, add a tip and pay for the whole shebang right there. (Shebang is a Greek word, right?) I’ll often order for a pickup time later, but since was driving from downtown Orlando, I accepted the quoted time of 20 minutes for an immediate fetch and pulled into the small parking lot just 30 minutes after the order went through. Twenty minutes after that I left with my food. Oh well.

Greektogo dolamades

I ordered the spanakopita fir an aooetizer and a couple of individual dolmades instead of the regular order of four for $4.50. The grape leaves were tightly wrapped into short packages with rice and tomatoes inside. They were delicious, especially with the thick tzatziki sauce that accompanied, but I’m not sure they were worth a buck-fifty each.

Greektogo spanakopita

The spinach turnovers were more substantial, with a spinach and cheese mixture, not as much as in the online photo, baked in the flaky dough. Good, but $7.99?

Greektogo moussaka

For an entree I got the moussaka, or mussaka, as GTG prefers to spell it, as is its right. It featured thin slices of eggplant layered with seasoned ground beef and topped with a béchamel. I liked the chickpea salad, one of the side choices, as much if not more. It had red onions, tomatoes and parsley lightly tossed in oil. Some might think that the other side I chose, the hummus, would constitute too much garbanzos but I don’t think such a thing is possible.

Greektogo kabab

The beef kabab platter featured marinated hunks of steak served with pita points and some more of that luscious tzatziki. The meat sat atop the tabbouleh of roughly chopped parsley with red onions, tomatoes and bulgar mixed in.

Greektogo interior

I was greeted warmly by the two men running the place when I first arrived. They told me the order was waiting on the moussaka that was heating in the oven. I waited outside and one of the men brought my sack of food to me when it was ready. A “sorry for the wait” would have been appreciated. Instead I got “enjoy your meal,” which, in fact, I did.

Greek To Go is at 681 Orlando Ave., Maitland (map). It is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. The phone number is 407-775-6206.

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