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Logan's Bistro is celebrating its 8th anniversary.

Logan’s Bistro opened exactly eight years ago, in February of 2002. In some ways it doesn’t seem that long ago, and in other it feels as though it’s been there a lot longer. In any event, kudos to the little neighborhood eatery on its anniversary.

I stopped in to see how things are going these days recently. My companion and I shared an order of crispy fried oysters for an appetizer. They were indeed crispy, with golden little jackets of breading. And there were plenty of them, too -- more than the chintzy amount of remoulade dipping sauce could handle.

For my entree I had the shrimp and grits and my friend ordered the pot roast. The most surprising thing about both of the was how beautifully styled they were. And I suppose the reason it was so startling is that Logan’s decor is rather, shall we say, modest. It’s certainly tasteful enough, with its brightly painted walls, pendant lights and artwork. But bare wood tables, schoolhouse chairs and concrete floor hardly scream posh.

But the food that was placed before us might have been served in the most upscale of restaurants. Especially the pot roast. It was a big chunk of braised beef, served on creamy mashed potatoes, decorated with a large carrot and a sprig of rosemary. And is was as tasty as it was pretty.

Same for the shrimp and grits. Excuse me...organic grits. The six shrimp were a good size, firm and tender, and the dish had a bit of house made chorizo to give it a spicy note.

At $18 for the pot roast and $20 for the grits, neither was what I would call inexpensive. But were they worth the cost? Yes, I think they were.

The wine list was disappointing. And when your bar serves only beer and wine, there should be a more varied selection. It’s even more important when you offer such good food -- it deserves to be enjoyed with better wine.

Our server gamely helped us try to find the right wine to enjoy, fetching tastes of first one, then another, then another, until we finally settled on the least dissatisfying one.

On the night I visited there was a two-person band playing -- a bit too loudly, perhaps -- but it added to the bistro feel.

I don’t know why I don’t think about stopping in to Logan’s Bistro more often. I probably hadn’t had a meal there since it opened in 2002. But now that I’ve been reminded of what good food they can do, I’ll be back much sooner.

Logan’s Bistro is at 802 Virginia Drive, Orlando. It is open for lunch Monday through Saturday and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. The phone number is 407-898-5688. Click here to see the dinner menu , and click here to see the Logan’s Bistro Web site.

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