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Less bistro, more bar

Stopped in the other day at the new location for Brix, the "Euro bistro" that had opened in 2007 in a small space on the ground floor of the Metropolitan condominiums, across the street from Lake Eola.
Back then, Brix was trying to be hip and trendy. The focus of the menu was fondue, something that puts a severe limit on one's ability to be hip and trendy. There was also a premium focus on wines. Brix, after all, is a term for the amount of sugar in wine.

The Washington Street site was a lousy location. It was small, hard to get to and the outdoor seating was hampered by the traffic on Rosalind Avenue.
So when Brix moved to the space on Central Boulevard that had been vacated by Tijuana Flats (as it prepared to open its new burritoria in Thornton Park), I thought maybe they'd be able to expand on their themes.
But what I experienced recently was basically just another bar, just like all the other bars in downtown Orlando. There is a menu, but it features your basic sandwiches and flatbreads. The fondues, apparently, have been relegated mostly to dessert offerings, although there may still be a savory wine fondue.
Nothing I tasted was bad, but nothing I tasted was stellar, either. It isn't a place I would recommend as a dining destination. But if you're downtown and want a drink, maybe a sandwich, then, sure, stop on in.

Brix is at 50 E. Central Blvd., Orlando. The phone number is 407-839-1707. The Web site is not yet operational.

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