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Tornatore's Cafe & Pizzeria
Address3818 Edgewater Drive
Scott's Review
Formerly Caffe Positano, this charming neighborhood restaurant changed its name after it was featured in an episode of Food Network's "Restaurant: Impossible." It's basic Italian/American fare, but it's all done well. Pizza slices are New York perfect. Most dishes are pasta centric, but they're all good.... Read more
Townhouse Restaurant
Address139 N. Central Avenue
Scott's Review
Sometimes being evicted can be a good thing. The Townhouse Restaurant — or Town House, you’ll find it both ways, even on its website (or web site, if you prefer) — has been part of downtown Oviedo for decades. Some might even say it WAS downtown Oviedo. It had occupied a little box of a building at the corner of Broadway Street and Central Avenue on a spit of land triangulated by Railroad Street. To call it rustic would be an understatement. It looked its age and was often unkempt. But it was comfortable, and it had a dedicated and loyal base of customers who were horrified when it was announced, in 2014, that the Townhouse house would be torn down to accommodate the broadening of Broadway. But it didn’t mean the end of the Townhouse. It found new digs only several hundred feet up Central Avenue and now has more seating in a spacious restaurant with volume ceilings, a pleasant outdoor patio overlooking the Florida Trail bike path and a parking lot (which seemed to be used a lot by bikers who may or may not have been eating at the restaurant). And the old Colonial style sign has even been incorporated into the new building.... Read more
Treehouse Truck

Known for its burger and deep-fried Oreos.

Food trucks move around without notice -- it's those wheels and all. So check the website for locations and links to Twitter and Facebook accounts where you can keep track of your favorite truck.

... Read more
Turquaz Turkish Cuisine
Address5648 International Drive
Scott's Review
Nothing about the experience -- food, service or atmosphere -- is recommendable.... Read more
Tutto Gusto
Address200 Epcot Center DRive
CityLake Buena Vista
Scott's Review
Once the lobby and restroom area for the larger restaurant inside the Italy pavilion at Epcot, this new wine bar is small, and reservations are not accepted, but it offers some pretty good "small plates" and a robust list of wines to go with them.... Read more
Tutto Italia
AddressItaly Pavilion
CityLake Buena Vista

The first thing that should be noted is that there is no fettuccine Alfredo on the menu. That's noteworthy because the restaurant that occupied this space for so many years was Alfredo d’Originale di Roma, an offshoot of the restaurant that invented the dish. Maybe the Patina Group, which now operates the restaurant, wanted to keep their menu more authentic and didn’t want to add Alfredo, which is largely an Americanized dish.

But that didn’t stop them from delivering the bread basket with a dish of olive oil, which is largely an American practice.

I started my lunch with a bowl of pasta e fagioli, the beany soup with bits of pasta blended in. It was fairly bland, but I fixed that by spooning in some of the olive oil meant for the bread.

For my entrée I had the dish with the unfortunate name stinco di maiale, which is more aromatic than it sounds. It was a massive pork shank braised into tender submission. It was quite good, and the portion was ample. In fact there was too much to finish in one seating, and at $24 I hated to waste it. (Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have doggie bags waiting for you at the front gate like purchases from gift shops so you... Read more