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Sushi Lola's
Address2902 Corrine Drive
Scott's Review
Lola’s is a simple place. There’s nothing fancy about it, which unfortunately extends to its sushi rolls. I ordered two: a spicy tuna and a yellowtail. They were presented wanly on a white plate. Even the pickled ginger, usually a pinkish hue, offered no color as Lola’s is a pale yellow. Part of the allure of sushi is the preparation and presentation.... Read more
Sushi Pop
Address310 W. Mitchell Hammock Road
Scott's Review

The list of rolls at this funky little restaurant might frighten and horrify a sushi traditionalist, but they’d at least have to concede some of the offerings are pretty creative. Such as the Oviedo Chicken, a paean to the pullets who roam the streets of downtown Oviedo. One hardly ever sees tempura chicken in a sushi roll starring role. Or bacon, for that matter, as found in the cleverly named Choleste-roll. Or sliced bananas topping a roll that included eel. I dearly wish I had ordered the Hot Mess, which I saw delivered to another table. It had bacon, too, somewhere beneath a glop of spicy mayo and roe. Not that I was disappointed with my selections. I had the Black Widow, a tempura’d soft shell crab with avocado, asparagus and smelt roe flavored with a spicy tartar sauce. Or the Pair of Kings, with salmon and tuna. I also tried a serving of escolar nigirizushi, and although the fish was a lovely room temperature and had a buttery texture, it easily fell off the pad of rice when flipped. Service was friendly and fast

... Read more
Sushi Pop Winter Park
Address115 E. Lyman Ave.
CityWinter Park
Scott's Review
A Winter Park version of the popular Oviedo sushi bar.... Read more
Sushi Tomi
Address8463 S. John Young Parkway
Sushi Tomi occupies a nondescript storefront at the end of a Walmart-anchored plaza at the corner of John Young Parkway and Sand Lake Road. It's tiny and has the typical setup of other area sushi bars, with simple wooden booths along the walls and a sushi counter in a back corner where the chef diligently works. I sampled an array of nigirizushi — tuna, escolar, sweet shrimp (loved that one). Everything was expertly sliced and formed and properly presented. I would have liked the kitchen food item of tofu squares with beef tendon if the meat had been properly heated.... Read more