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Maestro Cucina Napoletana
Address528 Park Avenue S.
CityWinter Park
Scott's Review
Maestro Cucina Napoletana has opened in Winter Park, bringing an authentic Italian food option to Park Avenue. Maestro is a partnership between Rosario Spagnolo of Terra Mia in Altamonte Springs (and many other local restaurants) and Antonio Martino, a Brazilian businessman who owns five McDonald’s franchises there. Don’t let that give you pause; there’s nothing clownish about the food here. The food is solidly good quality, the atmosphere cozy and comfortable, and the service accommodating.... Read more
Maggiano’s Little Italy
AddressPointe Orlando
9101 International Drive

Maggiano’s Little Italy is the sort of place that makes restaurant critics cringe when they hear one is coming to town. One has come to Orlando. First, it’s immense. Then there’s the issue of it being Italian, which in itself is not a cringe producer. But when you’re talking about an Americanized version of Italian food, and then factor in the mass production of a large restaurant, you can just start to picture the plates of spaghetti with sauce from an institutional sized can with meatballs that bear more than a couple of similarities to an eight ball. And it’s loud. And it plays Frank Sinatra virtually nonstop.

But it's actually a lot of fun, and the food is decent.

So don’t let a critic’s jaded bias keep you away. Go with a group and order from the family style menu. Choose the pot roast for one of your choices, and have the tiramisu for dessert.

Maggiano's Little Italy on Urbanspoon

... Read more
Mai Bistro
Address1830 E. Colonial Drive
Scott's Review
Mai Bistro, a Vietnamese restaurant, has opened in the Mills 50 district, bringing a bit of difference to the Asian-restaurant-rich neighborhood. Not only different, but very good. The menu features street foods of Vietnam -- nothing new there, Hawkers and Mamak are also in the street food business. But Mai brings a combination of fast- and quick-serve. And instead of the small-plate, Asian-style tapas servings, Mai Bistro offers full sized portions. You’re going to want a complete serving of the Sticky Rice, one of Mai Bistro’s specialties and a dish that is surprisingly hard to find locally.... Read more
Mango's Tropical Cafe
Address8126 International Drive
Scott's Review
Don't pay much attention to the cafe designation. This is mainly a nightclub with elaborate (and good) entertainment. You basically come here for the show and to have drinks. The food might help alleviate the affects of the latter.... Read more
Market on Magnolia
Address150 S. Magnolia Ave.
Scott's Review
Not so much a market as a food court with a bar. Food options include poke, pizza, and sandwiches. Nothing shines.... Read more
Market On South
Address2603 South St
A collaborative of three businesses offering all-vegan fare that could fool most meat lovers. Comfortable, friendly atmosphere. A must for vegans or anyone wanting to cut down on animal products for health or humane reasons.... Read more
Market to Table
Address146 W. Plant Street
CityWinter Garden
Scott's Review
Market to Table, a new restaurant that took over the AlFresco space in the Roper Building in Winter Garden, started in an actual market. From a booth in Plant Street Market, Ryan Freelove sold stocks, soups and other products for home cooks before opening the restaurant last year. Don’t assume, as I did, that Market to Table is just another way of saying farm to table. Freelove freely admits that he sources some ingredients from more conventional means, including major distributors. (Though not exclusively; indeed some items come from as close as a rooftop garden.) But that does not diminish the overall high quality of the food served here.... Read more
Marlow's Tavern Pointe Orlando
Address9101 International Drive
Pointe Orlando
Scott's Review
Marlow’s Tavern is now open at Pointe Orlando. Marlow’s is a “neighborhood pub” that has heretofore occupied only Georgia neighborhoods. The Pointe restaurant is the first outside that state and the company’s tenth. The burgers were most impressive. Big, thick patties on fresh buns with good-quality toppings. I sampled the black and blue burger, with gorgonzola and applewood smoked bacon (I get the blue part with the cheese but I’m not sure the bacon qualifies as black). I also tried the “everything and the kitchen sink” burger, which, thankfully, does not contain any porcelain or stainless steel. It did have bacon, caramelized onions and crispy onions, wild mushrooms, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and chipotle barbecue sauce. They were served with hand-cut fries, and I think they represented a good value at $11 and $12 respectively. ... Read more
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