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Ethos Vegan Kitchen
Address601 S. New York Ave.
CityWinter Park
The menu here is 100 percent vegan. On a recent visit I ordered a cup of spinach and portobello soup and the ironically named healthy trio for starters. The healthy trio was a reference to three dips: hummus, tomato-mango salsa and a tapenade made with black and green olives. They were served with slightly toasted bread that had big hunks of seeds and grains embedded, plus thick blue corn tortilla chips. It was all pretty tasty. Ethos is across from Ivanhoe Lake and has a large covered patio with perhaps more seating than inside. Indoors the walls are covered with works by local artists, and beyond the ordering counter the room wraps around for additional inside seating.... Read more
Address9840 International Drive
Rosen Centre Hotel
Scott's Review

One of the area’s most under appreciated restaurants, Everglades continues to offer high-quality fare. The Alligator Bay chowder is a terrific starter soup, and the swordfish is a southern inspiration

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eXile Restaurant and Lounge
Address1319 Florida Mall Ave.
Scott's Review
The menu is, at first glance, rather mundane and predictable: burgers, wings and pizza are the items that stand out. But look a little closer and you’ll find some special treats. Such as pastichio, the Greek style lasagna. It featured pasta layered with ground beef and sliced ham and a creamy, full-flavored bechamel, topped with melted cheese. It was a large brick of a portion and I intended to take half of it home, but I soon found myself forking up the last bite right there. The owners seem genuinely happy to have you there.... Read more