Restaurant Listings
Confisco Grille
AddressIslands of Adventure
Universal Studios
Confisco Grille serves an ambitious menu of soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers, plus full dinners of meats and seafood. I had the ``fully loaded'' baked potato soup, which featured a potato puree broth surrounding a mound of mashed potatoes, which held up a potato skin boat filled with cheese and bacon bits. There wasn't much in the way of soup, and it was all rather heavy for a first course.

For the entree, I had a pork chop, a big, thick and ultimately tasty chop. It was a lot of food, and it was more creative than I was expecting for the drab atmosphere.

The ambience at Confisco Grille is a little dark and depressing. There are a couple of windows to the walkway out front, but for the most part, you'd never know you were in a theme park. And I've come to realize there are a lot of parkgoers who look for just that sort of environment so they can avoid sensory overload. Whatever.

Unless you really want to just sit down and have someone wait on you - and there's a lot to be said for that - you can find pretty good food at the concession stands around the park. One of my favorites was the Enchanted Oak Tavern in the L... Read more
Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant
Address529 N. Alafaya Trail
Scott's Review
Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant would love to sell you some wine-related gewgaws. Visitors enter and exit through a gift shop where they can buy corkscrews, coasters, and candles that look like glasses of wine. They'd also like to have you buy some tastes of the wines the company produces at its Arlington Heights, Illinois, winery; there's a tasting-room feature in the gift shop, as well. But I'm not convinced they're all that serious about being a restaurant and providing a positive guest experience. On my recent visit I was subjected to one fail after another, and although a manager finally stepped up and did the right thing, enough ill will had been created by that point to prevent me from returning. The final straw was the late delivery of a cold entree. Check, please! I cannot recommend this restaurant at the present time.... Read more
Copacabana Cuban Cafe
Address249 W. State Road 436
CityAltamonte Springs
Scott's Review
Copacabana, a Cuban cafe from Mount Dora, has opened a second location in Altamonte Springs. It's a bright and spiffy spot with friendly service and decent food.... Read more
Coral Reef
AddressEpcot Living Seas Pavilion
Walt Disney World
CityLake Buena Vista
There are few restaurants in the world that can boast an underwater view of a saltwater tank with dozens of species swimming by. The Orlando area has two (the other is Sharks Underwater Grill at SeaWorld), but neither seems to be able to offer food that matches the splendor of the view. In fact, given the ridiculously high menu prices and the lackluster quality of the food, I do not recommend Coral Reef as a restaurant. Better to view the sea life from the other side of the aquarium and fine somewhere else to sup.... Read more
Cork & Fork
Address5180 S. Conway Road
Scott's Review
This Belle Isle casual restaurant has gotten better than when it first opened. The burger is a good bet.... Read more
Crafted Block & Brew
Address2417 S. Hiawassee Road
Scott's Review
Crafted Block & Brew (I can't explain the Block part, although the food is served on wooden trays, so maybe that's it?) looks like it wants to stay a long time. With a little more attention to the food's quality and less time trying too hard to make it creative plus more even service, it could make it. ... Read more
Address103 W. Indiana Ave.
Scott's Review
Chef Hari Pulapaka, who, along with his wife, Jenneffer, owns Cress, has a creative touch, but he bases all of his dishes on classic culinary principles. That’s evident in the Cress seafood sampler of fresh black fin grouper, jumbo lump crab cake served with sauce remoulade, jumbo shrimp, with a sauce creole, and grits with bits of andouille sausage, mushrooms and thyme. The fish sat on al dente sauteed squash, and everything was topped with freshly made potato chips. Although the dish was comprised mainly of seafood, each component had a distinct flavor, and all of the tastes and textures played very nicely together. I especially liked the crab cake for the buttery notes in the crisp crust that held the lump meat together. And the firm texture of the black fin grouper was very pleasant. The restaurant, in an old downtown storefront, is pleasant and comfortable.... Read more
Crooked Spoon Gastropub
Address200 Citrus Tower Blvd
Scott's Review
Chef/owner Steve Saelg was one of the pioneers of Orlando’s food truck boom, and his Crooked Spoon truck was one of the more popular ones at area food truck rallies. But Saelg, who started out as a Wall Street financier before turning to a life in the culinary arts, longed to stop roaming. So he parked the truck and opened a gastropub with the same name. In this case, gastropub probably means something closer to a sports bar. The atmosphere is casual, the bar is visible from most corners of the dining areas, and the requisite televisions hang all about. I loved the pork belly BLT, a thick and delightfully fatty belly section with a crispy exterior, served on fresh brioche bread with spicy arugula, marinated tomato and remoulade. And as a wonderful surprise, an egg, sunny-side up, on top. It’s called a sandwich, but just try to eat it with anything but a knife and fork. I also enjoyed the lobster grilled cheese, which was sort of like a lobster roll with a bit of melted cheeses, including brie, swiss and cheddar, on top. The sweet lobster meat was served with tomatoes on the buttery toasted bread.... Read more