Sodo Sushi Bar and Grill
Address25 W. Crystal Lake Street
Scott's Review
Sodo has a new sushi bar and grill. It’s called Sodo Sushi Bar and Grill. It took over the space of the oft troubled Olv, whose name had no hidden meaning or acronymic message. Sodo, or SoDo, is shorthand for south of downtown, which is where it is. And that’s a good place for this new restaurant, too, because there aren’t any other sushi joints anywhere nearby. Bars and grills, yes, but not sushi bars and grills. All that seems to have been required to transform the Olv space into a sushi restaurant was to plop a refrigerated case on top of the bar. Voila — or dekiagari, as they say in Japan — sushi bar. ... Read more
Stubborn Mule
Address100 S. Eola Avenue
Scott's Review
The menu has changed over the years, I think for the better. For one thing, it’s been pared down a bit and has gotten rid of extraneous items, such as the flatbreads.... Read more
Tap Room at Dubsdread
Address549 W. Par St.
Scott's Review

Finally, a good restaurant at Dubsdread. It’s Sam Snead’slike (the owners here were involved in developing the Sam Snead’s Tavern concept)  with an emphasis on simple foods.

The pot roast and filet mignon are standouts, and if you get the Buffalo shrimp, ask the kitchen to make them spicy. And the Tap Room burger is superb.

The rustic dining room is fronted by a wraparound porch that overlooks the Dubsdread Golf Course. It's a lovely spot to enjoy Sunday brunch, and as luck would have it, the Tap Room serves an excellent one.

... Read more
Vanbarry's Public House
Address4120 S. Orange Ave.
Scott's Review
From the same people who own Finnhenry's in downtown Orlando and Ollie's Public House in College Park, Vanbarry's succeeds because it doesn't overreach. It does not promise to be more restaurant than it can produce, and so expectations aren't elevated. I don't mean to damn it with faint praise because it does do some things quite nicely. The burger, for instance, and the Vanbarry's Bacon Jam Burger in particular. It was a thick and juicy patty served on a kaiser roll (you can have a pretzel roll if you prefer) with a modest leaf of lettuce and a couple of pickles and tomato slice. There were plenty of blue cheese crumbles and the bacon jam, though not as good as actual bacon, gave a nice smoky note. Multiple napkins were necessary in the eating. The burger came with stack of nicely seasoned and meaty fries. The Mac & Cheese Skillet was excellent. The creamy mix included lots of bits of prosciutto for some saltiness. I ate more of it than I really intended to.... Read more
Vito's Chop House
Address8633 International Drive
Vito's Chop House is a first-rate operation, a highend steakhouse with a touch of Tuscany. The atmosphere is masculine but comfortable, the service is practiced and sure, and the steaks are of the finest quality and an omigod size that will have you requesting a takeout container before they're even placed in front of you.... Read more