Jaleo by José Andrés
Address1482 E. Buena Vista Drive
Scott's Review
The Disney Springs location of this Washington based chain is the company's largest. It's big and so is the price tag, but the quality is inarguable.... Read more
Jimmy Hula's
Address2522 Aloma Ave.
CityWinter Park
Scott's Review
This new quick-serve concept specializes in fish tacos and burgers. The fish tacos would be really good if they had some fish in them; the burgers are a tad thinnish. The management doesn't quite have a finger on how to take orders efficiently -- lines just to order can be unreasonably long.... Read more
K Restaurant
Address1710 Edgewater Drive
Scott's Review
I'm delighted to report that K Restaurant & Wine Bar is as good as it has ever been. Certainly some of the continuity is provided by Ryan McLaughlin, who served as sous chef under Fonzo and now holds the title of chef de cuisine. It also helps that neither Phelps nor McLaughlin plans to change the restaurant's commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and market availability to drive the menu.

The fried green tomatoes were wonderful, and a towering presentation of three tomatoes layered with crab and corn salad. The tomatoes were thick and firm and breaded just right. The barbecue shrimp were good, too, although there were only three in the dish and four of us at the table so we had to fight over them. The chicken livers were, well, chicken livers.

For our main course we each decided independently to order the porcini dusted filet mignon. I had mentioned to my companions that it has always been one of my Fonzo favorites. It still is. The meat was thick and as tender as it could be, and cooked to the requested temperature. The bit of truffle oil was just right -- enough to give it distinction but not so much as to overpower.

The filet mignon is still a... Read more

Luke's Kitchen and Bar
Address640 S. Orlando Avenue
Scott's Review
The newest project from the Luma on Park and Prato team is meant to be "classic American"; never mind the ceviches and French onion soup. ... Read more
Manny's Original Chophouse
Address4979 New Broad St.
Scott's Review
The overall mien of Manny's is garishness. It's a massive space with double volume ceilings and double volume sound to match. Tables are covered with red and white checkered cloths topped with paper. The decorations range from old license plates and gas stations signs to movie posters, road directionals and a huge sign for a drive-in theater. Over a row of booths, the light fixtures are fashioned out of car mufflers. Even the menu is garish, at least in design and layout. It's a multi page tome with red, yellow and white lettering on black background with food photos of some of the items.... Read more
Market On South
Address2603 South St
A collaborative of three businesses offering all-vegan fare that could fool most meat lovers. Comfortable, friendly atmosphere. A must for vegans or anyone wanting to cut down on animal products for health or humane reasons.... Read more
Market to Table
Address146 W. Plant Street
CityWinter Garden
Scott's Review
Market to Table, a new restaurant that took over the AlFresco space in the Roper Building in Winter Garden, started in an actual market. From a booth in Plant Street Market, Ryan Freelove sold stocks, soups and other products for home cooks before opening the restaurant last year. Don’t assume, as I did, that Market to Table is just another way of saying farm to table. Freelove freely admits that he sources some ingredients from more conventional means, including major distributors. (Though not exclusively; indeed some items come from as close as a rooftop garden.) But that does not diminish the overall high quality of the food served here.... Read more
Maxine's on Shine
Address337 N. Shine Ave.
Scott's Review

Note: This review is from Shine Neighborhood Kitchen, which has changed its name to Maxine's on Shine.

This is the quintessential neighborhood cafe, a lone business in a downtown residential area. Formerly Bravissimo Wine Bar, this space was a destination for people who simply liked the atmosphere. Now they can also like it for the good food. Clams and mussels Catalan, shrimp & grouper Maltese, and pork osso buco were some of the items I enjoyed. The owners -- who also own the decidedly different Graffiti Junktion -- did wonders with the limited space, which started its life, decades ago, as a neighborhood market. The atmosphere is soft and subdued and so very comfortable.

... Read more