Address145 Wekiva Springs Road
Scott's Review
Longtime Greeker, originally known as Mayerion Mykonos, reopened in a new location after an 18-month hiatus. Food is good, if not completely authentic, though many people have issues with service.... Read more
Address535 W. New England Ave.
CityWinter Park
Scott's Review
Mynt has moved into the Hannibal Square neighborhood, and just like its similarly spelled namesake, it's a refreshing addition. It took over the space that was previously occupied by Fresh Cafe. I've always liked the intimacy of this place — it can feel like one of the small restaurants in Brooklyn or the West Village. But Mynt's owner, Sunny Corda, has also reopened the upstairs dining area, where there is a bar, which adds more seating while still maintaining the cozy atmosphere. Corda also owns Saffron on Sand Lake Road's Restaurant Row. But even though both restaurants are Indian, Mynt is quite a bit different. Mynt takes a fresher and more healthful approach to its food. In fact, it uses no ghee, the type of clarified butter that is somewhat of a staple in Indian food. Instead, Corda told me, the kitchen uses more olive oil in the recipes.... Read more
Nagoya Sushi
Address7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd.
Nagoya is a pleasant and small sushi bar in the back of the Dr. Phillips Marketplace in the Sand Lake Road Restaurant Row area. Jenny Tay and her staff will welcome you like you're long-lost friends, and the sushi will be unwaveringly fresh and expertly prepared.... Read more
Napasorn Thai Restaurant Sushi Bar
Address56 E. Pine St.
Scott's Review
The food is basically the same as it has been for years: perfectly acceptable but rarely extraordinary. My lunch companion and I started with an appetizer of “soft rolls,” the unfried version of the spring rolls. Although shrimp was listed among the ingredients, I spotted none in the roll I ate, only noodles and lettuce inside a spring roll skin. The panang curry with beef had big hunks of bell peppers, snow peas and string beans mixed in with the sliced beef. The curried sauce was a bit on the mild side, but the flavors, which included fresh basil, were very nice. The dish would have been more enjoyable if the rice had been moister and fluffier. What we were served did not seem as though it had been recently steamed. The pad Thai was fine, the rice noodles well coated with the slightly sweet sauce, tossed with tangy bits of scallions, crunchy bean sprouts off to the side.... Read more
Address4401 Grand Floridian Lane
CityLake Buena Vista
Scott's Review

Narcoossee's has always been something of a disappointment to me. I always left it wishing it had been better than it was, which was mostly so-so.

But now the restaurant is on a new path. The chef has refreshed the menu, and it seems the kitchen has a renewed interest in turning out more exciting dishes. If you're really adventurous, try the crispy whole snapper, presented as though swimming on your plate. If that's too graphic, have the togarashi-spiced tuna and jumbo prawn. If the roasted beet salad is available, grab it.

Now serving a very pleasant waterfront brunch. Read about that here: Read more
Negril Jamaican Restaurant
Address2795 Old Winter Garden Road
Scott's Review
Negril is a fast-casual restaurant, more casual than it is fast and it’s pretty fast: most of the food is already prepared and in a steam table set behind glass. The menu has Oxtail, Brown Stews, Jerked dishes and Jamaican Fried Chicken. But every menu listing for a curried dish — available in goat, chicken and shrimp — included the line “Best Curry in Town.” How could I not go with that?... Read more
Nile Ethiopian Cuisine
Address7040 International Drive
(north of Sand Lake Road)
Scott's Review

Central Florida finally gets another chance to experience the wonderful world of Ethiopian cuisine. Don’t blow it this time! Wash your hands – you’ll be eating with them – and order an array of wat to sample. What? No, wat. It's a sort of stew, and wats are the most common dishes in an Ethiopian restaurant. These might include variations of beef or chicken, but pork is never served. There are a few seafood selections on Nile’s menu, but Ethiopia is a landlocked country and seafood dishes are not common. Vegetarian wat versions feature lentils or split peas. Ethiopian restaurants are wonderful places for vegetarians to dine as meatless meals are a big part of the country’s cultural heritage. If you feel lost, ask one of your gracious hosts to guide you.

Coffee is Ethiopia’s top commodity and the coffee ceremony is a big part of a traditional meal. The coffee service area occupies a space in the front of the dining room. The whole beans are roasted in a small metal saucepan while incense burns nearby. When the beans are roasted the pan is brought to the table and waved about so the guests can enjoy the aroma. Once the beans are ground and brewed, the coffee is poured from ... Read more

Nona Blue
Address9685 Lake Nona Village Place
Scott's Review
Nona Blue Modern Tavern opened May 2013 and has been been keeping the tables filled ever since. The first time I visited was a Monday, and the place was doing the sort of business that some restaurants in town would cherish on a weekend. Part of that, of course, is the newness and part is the aforementioned scarcity. And some of it has to do with the allure of Graeme McDowell, the golfer, who is one of the owners (along with Joe Davi and Bill Bona). Whether they will keep coming is yet to be seen, but with a few tweaks here and there -- especially in the area of service -- they should be able to keep those seats filled. I liked what I saw when I first walked into the place (once I found the front door, which is not easily spotted). I liked what I smelled even more. The air was infused with the aroma of hickory smoke, and it had me immediately craving something wood-smoked. The menu makes full use of that grill. There isn’t anything particularly daring or innovative on it, just your basic tavern fare. You’ve got your burgers, your steaks and seafood offerings. And quite a long list of appetizers, called shareables on the menu, some of which are priced as much as some of the fu... Read more