Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux
Address3022 Corrine Drive

Cycling fans Jen and Darrell Cunningham dedicated their new cafe to their favorite sports: bicycling, drinking coffee and sipping wine. Food is mostly sandwiches and soups.

The menu mainly features sandwiches, and most have names that might make sense only to the most diehard cycling fan. For instance, there’s the Rasmussen, named for Michael Rasmussen, whose nickname is the Chicken (chicken salad);  s.a.g. stop special, short for supply and gear stop where cyclists get basics during a break (peanut butter and bananas); and the Lance-wich, named for Lance Armstrong, who for some reason inspired this ham and turkey sandwich.

Luckily, once you get past that bit of preciousness you’ll find some good sandwiches. I had the Lance-wich, wich was not what I would call big (the menu calls it champion-sized), but it had plenty of thinly slices ham and turkey on double-deck multigrain bread with a variety of toppings. I also had a cup of soup, which is called simply soup and had rice and chicken in a creamy and well-seasoned broth.

Despite the cycling terms on the menu, there is very little bicycle kitsch in the décor. It would have been easy to go overboard with... Read more

Eola Wine Company
Address430 E. Central Blvd.

It is unique among the downtown businesses – it’s a quiet place with a classy feel that puts the emphasis on good wine. It’s a terrific meeting space or neighborhood hangout without the manic music or big crowds you might find in some the neighboring restaurants and bars. It’s just what downtown needed.

... Read more
Jiko The Cooking Place
AddressDisney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
Walt Disney World
Scott's Review
Stylized African cuisine to go with the Animal Kingdom Lodge locale. The food is excellent and the wine cellar boasts the largest collection of South African wines outside of Africa. Jiko is worthy of being listed among the top tier restaurants at Walt Disney World.... Read more
K Restaurant
Address1710 Edgewater Drive
Scott's Review
I'm delighted to report that K Restaurant & Wine Bar is as good as it has ever been. Certainly some of the continuity is provided by Ryan McLaughlin, who served as sous chef under Fonzo and now holds the title of chef de cuisine. It also helps that neither Phelps nor McLaughlin plans to change the restaurant's commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and market availability to drive the menu.

The fried green tomatoes were wonderful, and a towering presentation of three tomatoes layered with crab and corn salad. The tomatoes were thick and firm and breaded just right. The barbecue shrimp were good, too, although there were only three in the dish and four of us at the table so we had to fight over them. The chicken livers were, well, chicken livers.

For our main course we each decided independently to order the porcini dusted filet mignon. I had mentioned to my companions that it has always been one of my Fonzo favorites. It still is. The meat was thick and as tender as it could be, and cooked to the requested temperature. The bit of truffle oil was just right -- enough to give it distinction but not so much as to overpower.

The filet mignon is still a... Read more

Address136 Park Ave S
CityWinter Park
Scott's Review
The Parkview is a favorite wine bar and restaurant on Park Avenue. Besides a terrific lineup of wines (be sure to check out the wines offered with the Coravin device) the kitchen puts out some good food to accompany.... Read more
AddressHilton Orlando
6001 Destination Parkway
Scott's Review
The full name is Spencer's for Steaks & Chops, but that's a bit limiting. Spencer's is a terrific all-around restaurant. Be sure to try the crab cakes and fried poached egg appetizers. Steaks are first rate, but so is the double-cut lamb chop and king salmon (served under a glass dome filled with smoke). Although Spencer's is located inside a hotel next to the Convention Center, this is a restaurant worthy of local attention. The decor is upscale casual, and a meal here is a relaxing evening.... Read more
Texas De Brazil
AddressBelz Designer Centre
5259 International Drive

Churrascaria means meat. Well, not literally. Churrascaria (tchoo-huh-scah-REE-uh) actually means house of barbecue, but to fans of this type of Brazilian steakhouse, it means meat, meat and more meat. Texas de Brazil is a small chain out of, no surprise here, Texas that is riding the wave of low-carb popularity with a new location on International Drive.

Here's the way it works: you first visit the salad bar, which is more than just lettuce and condiments. You'll find all manner of salad fixings plus such items as hearts of palm, tabbouleh, artichoke hearts, Brussels sprouts, roasted red peppers and, for some inexplicable reason, sushi.

When you've had enough of the salad bar -- and my advice is to go easy there -- the waiters, called gauchos and dressed accordingly -- will start bringing large skewers of meats, sausages, chicken and seafood to your table. And they'll keep bringing them until you tell them to stop. (You do that by turning a small disc on your table over so the red side is showing.)

The thing that keeps this from being just another glutfest is the quality of the meats, which is first-rate. Plus, the overall atmosphere is upscale and attra... Read more

Tutto Gusto
Address200 Epcot Center DRive
CityLake Buena Vista
Scott's Review
Once the lobby and restroom area for the larger restaurant inside the Italy pavilion at Epcot, this new wine bar is small, and reservations are not accepted, but it offers some pretty good "small plates" and a robust list of wines to go with them.... Read more