Las Lomas Mexican Grill
Address800 E. Altamonte Drive
CityAltamonte Springs
Scott's Review
The menu is extensive – larger than it really needs to be – and does have some genuine Mexican dishes, though it is also chile-peppered with Tex-Mex and other Americanized versions. The food is good and is presented in startlingly large portions.... Read more
Pepe's Cantina
Address433 W. New England Ave.
CityWinter Park
Scott's Review
Mi Tomatina, the paella place in Winter Park’s Hannibal Square, is now Pepe’s Cantina. While Spanish may still be spoken here, the dialect is more Mexican than Catalan. And there’s a distinct Texas accent, as well. Pepe’s Facebook page (the website is still “under construction) states that chef Jose Baranenko’s menu “puts a new twist on traditional Mexican cuisine.” Inasmuch as fajitas and nachos — and burgers, for that matter — are Mexican it’s only because they migrated from the country to the north. But I’ll not quibble about authenticity. I had a pleasant visit to Pepe’s recently, and if the cantina vibe isn’t quite in sync with such neighbors as Chez Vincent, Mynt and Armando’s — Pepe’s Facebook page is promoting an event called Cinco de Drinko — it isn’t any more out of place than, say, Dexter’s down the block.... Read more
PR's Taco Palace College Park
Address717 W. Smith St.
Scott's Review
An outpost of the longtime Winter Park dive, just as dive-y. Tex-Mex snobs will be horrified at some of the selections. Relax. You just need the food to absorb some of the beer.... Read more
Tijuana Flats
AddressVarious locations; see Web site.

This is a homegrown chain and a mini success story. They do so well because they provide good food at a fair price. A highlight of a meal here is helping yourself to the various salsas that run the heat-scale gamut. The house specialty is one called Smack my Ass and Call Me Sally.

Check the Web site for locations, but be warned: the Web site plays loud and raucous rock music upon entry.

... Read more