Tak-Ke Sushi Bar
Address1421 N. Orange Ave.
Scott's Review
Ta-Ke is certainly a change from Wazzabi, the owner's previous restaurant. Ta-Ke couldn’t be more different, experientially. It is tiny, occupying the space previously held by Wilfredo’s, and the original location of Gargi’s. But its cozy dining room and small sushi bar, all tastefully decorated, are quite pleasant. So was the sushi chef. I sat at the bar and when the chef noticed that the one server was busy he offered to take my order if sushi was what I had in mind. (In sushi bar etiquette one never gives the order to the chef directly, unless he or she asks, of course.) I did have sushi in mind, and I ordered the Ta-Ke Combo #1, which includes seven pieces of nigirizushi and a spicy tuna roll. And it was lovely. A beautifully presented array of fish -- tuna, white tuna, salmon, shrimp -- atop pads of rice; and perfect-sized coins of the tuna roll with pads of pickled ginger and wasabi. But it was all rather bland and unexciting. The nigirizushi all fell off the pad or rice when flipped for dipping into the soy, all with the exception of the surimi, which was lashed onto the rice pad with a strip of nori. The fish was also a bit too cold. The tempura was a comp... Read more
Tokyo Dining
AddressJapan Pavilion, Epcot
Walt Disney World

Renovated in 2008, the dining room of the Japan pavilion now offers a serene setting inside and a gorgeous view of the World Showcase outside. Sushi is a forte here, although there also are kitchen foods. Most of the sushi chefs at Tokyo dining are women, so while the restaurant attempts to give a taste of Japanese culinary traditions, it does so by breaking down gender barriers. Very nice.

... Read more
Umi Japanese Restaurant
Address525 S. Park Ave.
CityWinter Park
Scott's Review
Umi has a pleasant vibe. The menu features not only the expected sushi selections but also kitchen foods that include robata grilled meats and a couple of ramen soups. Everything is delicious and prettily presented, to boot.... Read more
Urban Hibachi Sushi + Grill
Address15 Alafaya Woods Blvd.
Scott's Review
Urban Hibachi Sushi + Grill, a minichain with three locations spread across Greater Orlando, is really slick. Or at least the Oviedo location I visited is. The decor is bright and modern with minimalist decorations. I think maybe I just misordered.... Read more
Wave Asian Bistro
Address301 N. Baker St.
CityMount Dora
Scott's Review
The food is modest, and the decor is drab. But if you're in the area, it's an inexpensive option for sushi.... Read more
Yamasan Sushi & Grill
Address1606 N. Mills Ave.
Scott's Review
Yamasan Sushi & Grill is the latest restaurant to open at Mills Park. It’s a small restaurant with a very large and ambitious menu. Besides a full offering of sushi, Yamasan has hibachi and stone grill cook-at-your-table options as well as one-pot cooking, such as shabu shabu and sukiyaki. There are seven soups and 26 each of hot or cold appetizers (not counting variations on individual items, such as the Tuna Tartare that may be ordered a la Nobu or Morimoto).... Read more
Yuki Hana
Address3635 Aloma Ave.
Scott's Review
Now comes Yuki Hana, which would like to be known as a “Japanese Fusion” restaurant, though truthfully I don’t know what’s being fused here. It’s all pretty much straight sushi bar offerings along with traditional Japanese kitchen foods. Fusion seems to be one of those words like gastropub that people like to use even when they don’t know the meaning. Yuki Hana is an attractive restaurant, modern and well appointed, with a large wavy wall-art logo behind the sushi bar, leather stools and chairs, dark wood tabletops, and bubble light fixtures. Also, the inevitable flatscreen televisions hanging about. For my lunch visit, I chose the sushi combo, which featured five pieces of nigirizushi and a spicy tuna roll. The nigiri featured most of the usual sushi suspects: tuna, salmon, escolar, snapper. And one that isn’t so common: tilapia. We see tilapia on a number of menus because it is an inexpensive fish. (We also don’t see it sometimes -- it’s common for unscrupulous chefs to foist it off as snapper.) Featuring it as a chef’s selection for the combo conveys a message of cheapness. That said, the nigiri were well prepared and presented and were the perfect temperature. The s... Read more
Address1500 Masters Blvd.
Omni Orlando Resort
Zen offers a tremendous deal with its tasting menu of pan-Asian cuisine. Nothing is extraordinary, but some of it is good. Be sure to sample the soups. Sushi is first-rate.... Read more