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Address422 S. Alafaya Trail
Price Level$

No brunch offered
Wheelchair AccessYes
BeveragesBeer & Wine
Noise LevelMedium Noise Level
Scott's Review

Guavate, a Puerto Rican restaurant, apparently has been around for several years but has somehow escaped my notice. I’m sure some of that has to do with its location, which is eastern Orlando. Actually, if you use Semoran Boulevard and the East-West Expressway as bisecting lines, Guavate is in the southeastern quadrant, which makes it a bit more off of my radar. I understand that there is such a place as Avalon Park in that vicinity. But Guavate is well before that mythical land. And I ended my ignorance of the little eatery with a blissful little lunch recently. One of the servers greeted me warmly when I walked in and didn’t protest when I insisted on choosing my own table. She kept her good humor as I quizzed her about the menu and asked for recommendations. I’ve been on a mofongo kick lately, so I ordered the Mofongo de Yuca that is listed under the Side Orders heading. For my main plate, I chose the Carne Frita Encebollada lunch special, which includes a choice of side dishes, none of which is mofongo. But it was my server who suggested that it could be my choice, which I appreciated.

422 S. Alafaya Trail

Contact Data:

Phone: 407-281-4700
Website: Guavate