AC Sky Bar
Address333 S. Garland Ave.
Scott's Review
AC Sky Bar is not a restaurant. That should be clear from the name, otherwise it might be AC Sky Cafe or AC Sky Bistro, which would make it sound more like an in-flight food option. A few tapas selections and a burger or two. ... Read more
Bulla Gastrobar
Address110 S. Orlando Ave.
CityWinter park
Scott's Review
I must say I like the look and feel of Bulla Gastrobar very much. The restaurant, in the newly opened but curiously named Lakeside Crossing development, can be at once bustlingly busy and intimately comfortable. I wish I could also say that the kitchen was turning out food to match the decor. Unfortunately it’s not, at least not with the consistency that should be in place after nearly two months open, and not for what is the third location for an established South Florida restaurant company. ... Read more
Capa at the Four Seasons
Address10100 Dream Tree Blvd.
CityLake Buena Vista
Scott's Review
Despite the Four Seasons Resort location, this signature restaurant is not white-glove elegant, another indication that type of fine dining is fading. But the food here is excellent, and the surroundings are stylishly artistic. Out on the balcony you you watch fireworks every night.... Read more
Address649 Front St.

Columbia is the oldest restaurant in Florida, but not this location. The original in Tampa's Ybor City has been around since 1903 (although, until recently, it was thought it was established in 1905). The Celebration restaurant has had its high and low moments in the past 15 years; lately it has been doing better. The menu is not as authentically Spanish as they would like you to believe. It's not even all that Cuban. But the creative stylings at least get the spicing right. Try the red snapper Alicante or the scallops Casimiro. Desserts are less satisfying.

... Read more
Jaleo by José Andrés
Address1482 E. Buena Vista Drive
Scott's Review
The Disney Springs location of this Washington based chain is the company's largest. It's big and so is the price tag, but the quality is inarguable.... Read more
La Merce
Address155 E. Morse Blvd.
CityWinter Park
Scott's Review
European menu with an emphasis on the cuisine of Spain. Pleasant surroundings, bright and cheery, much like the staff.... Read more
Santiago's Bodega
Address802 Virginia Drive
Scott's Review
Santiago’s Bodega has opened in the space formerly occupied by Logan’s Bistro on Virginia Drive in Orlando. Actually the place takes more than the Logan’s space. It has incorporated the storefront next door and has produced a new brick porch/patio in front. For all its newness, Santiago’s has a well-worn look that makes it immediately likable and comfortable. This is a tapas restaurant. Although Santiago’s is new in Orlando, this is a second location for a restaurant in Key West. So the concept isn’t new and neither is the menu. Still, the restaurant was struggling the night I visited as hordes of curious diners descended on the place and overwhelmed the staff. Mistakes were made, most of them accountable to the vagaries of a new operation, new location and a staff unfamiliar and shell-shocked. Those things can be ironed out. My main complaint was the cost. My check came to over $68 for five tapas and one glass of wine. (We had two other glasses of wine but the server said they were on the house because of some problems at the beginning of the meal; otherwise the check would have been over $90.) That isn’t a tremendous amount of money for a night out, but the cost-to-quali... Read more
Santiago's Bodega Altamonte Springs
Address1185 Spring Centre South Blvd
CityAltamonte Springs
Scott's Review
An Altamonte version of the popular Mills 50 restaurant, except bigger and with better parking!... Read more