Something Fishy
Address2107 E. Semoran Blvd.
Scott's Review
The fast-casual treatment for seafood. Good quality, nice people.... Read more
Address1580 Buena Vista Dr
Scott's Review
The New York based franchise has opened a large, splashy and decidedly noisy outpost at Disney Springs. (Loud music is sort of a trademark.) Food is good, with seafood getting as much attention -- and deserving it, too -- as the steaks.... Read more
Todd English’s Bluezoo
AddressWalt Disney World Dolphin
Walt Disney World
CityLake Buena Vista

Todd English, of course, is the charismatic celebrity chef best known for his Olives restaurant. I’m not sure English even knows where this restaurant is -- his name is used in a licensing arrangement -- but the people using his name do their best to keep his reputation intact. Occasionally they succeed. Still, at these prices - $18-$52 – it should be wonderful every time.

English did name the restaurant, or at least his kids did. During a trip to an aquarium one of them commented that it looked like a large blue zoo. Putting the two words together and not capitalizing them was someone else's idea, I'm guessing. One of the restaurant's design elements, which were orchestrated by the estimable Jeffrey Beers, is a circular grill where whole fish are supposed to spin around. English told me he calls it the Dancing Fish. Never seemed to work quite as expected whenever I was there.

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