P. F. Chang’s
AddressWinter Park Village
436 N. Orlando Ave.
CityWinter Park

Additional location: Mall at Millenia, 4200 Conroy Road, Orlando; 407-345-2888. I don’t know why I included this restaurant under the Chinese listings – the food is about as far away from authentic Chinese as you can get. But, for some, this is what they want in a Chinese restaurant. And they can have it.

Still, there are some tasty things to be had.

For appetizers the salt & pepper shrimp were a treat. The shrimp, lightly breaded and coated with salt and pepper, are meant to be eaten shell, tail and all. It's an unusual textural experience, but it's one you should try.

The ``soothing lettuce wraps,'' available with chicken or vegetables only, were good too. Here the meat or vegetables were stir-fried with a light sauce and served with whole leaves of iceberg lettuce. To eat, you simply spoon some of the food onto the lettuce and roll it up.

Red sauced wontons featured shrimp and pork steamed inside rather doughy wonton skins. They were sticky and much less pleasant than the other appetizers.

My favorite entree was Chang's spicy chicken, a version of the popular General Tso's chicken found in many Chinese restaurant. The chunks of chicke... Read more

Peter's Kitchen Chinese Bistro
Address3922 E. Colonial Drive
Scott's Review
The food here is Hong Kong style, which is a mix of Cantonese and Western, especially British because, you know, empire and all that. So is the food here authentic? Yes, it's authentic Hong Kong style.... Read more
Taste of Chengdu
Address2030 W. Colonial Drive
If you hear people call Taste of Chengdu the hottest restaurant in town, you should probably know that they may not be referring to its popularity, though popular it certainly is. It’s also serving some of the hottest, as in spiciest, food you’re likely to find in Central Florida.... Read more
Tasty Wok BBQ & Noodle House
Address1246 E. Colonial Drive
Scott's Review
I visited Tasty Wok many years ago when it first opened on the corner of Shine Avenue and Colonial Drive. I was underwhelmed. I still wouldn’t put it on my list of best Asian restaurants, but the meal I had there was enjoyable enough to recommend for an everyday dining experience. For my entree I had the beef chow fun, which brought the noodle part of the operation into the game. The noodles were wide and had just the right amount of chew. They were tossed with bits of beef, strips of scallions and mung bean sprouts. The ingredients glistened but they weren’t greasy. I did find that the dish needed some extra spicing, but not squirts from the bottle of sriracha on the table. Instead I asked the server for some hot pepper oil, which she provided in a small dish. Just a pinch was all it needed.... Read more
Yak & Yeti
AddressDisney's Animal Kingdom
Walt Disney World
CityLake Buena Vista

The only full-service, sit-down restaurant inside Animal Kingdom, this is a true disappointment on all levels. The food is subpar and the service does not meet Disney's usual standards. The restaurant is operated, as is Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex, by Landry Restaurants.

OK, there was one food item I liked. It was a plate of green beans that had been coated in batter (the beans, not the plate) and fried and served with a sweet dipping sauce. A nice way to eat vegetables. But $6.99 for a stack of green beans? Are they kidding?

No, they’re serious, otherwise they wouldn’t have charged $12.99 for the eensy dim sum basket that had a few pork pot stickers, pork and shrimp dumplings and two stale, doughy steamed buns with what looked to be about a teaspoon of barbecue inside.

My guest chose the Shaoxing steak and shrimp entrée, which featured shrimp on skewers coated with something the menu described as tempura batter. Actually, it more closely resembled the substance that insulates a common corn dog at your basic county fair. The meat half of the duo was good, skirt steak saturated with soy marinade. The thin steak was wrapped around a timbale of jasmine rice.... Read more

Yummy House
Address478 E. Altamonte Drive
CityAltamonte Springs
Scott's Review
This restaurant is inappropriately named.... Read more
Address1500 Masters Blvd.
Omni Orlando Resort
Zen offers a tremendous deal with its tasting menu of pan-Asian cuisine. Nothing is extraordinary, but some of it is good. Be sure to sample the soups. Sushi is first-rate.... Read more