Eola General
Address522 E. Amelia Street
Scott's Review
Eola General is a combination of a market, or general store, if you will, and a cafe, though neither is done to category fulfillment. The market does have some staples — I noticed some milk and butter in one of the refrigerated cases creating a wall across from the sandwich counter (over which hang upside down bouquets of flowers, for some reason). But I don’t think shoppers would be able to do all of their everyday marketing here. Not sure there’s enough on the prepared foods side to eat here every day, either. The menu is a modicum of items, mainly sandwiches.... Read more
AddressDisney's BoardWalk
CityLake Buena Vista
It's more sports bar than restaurant, and more sports than bar. The food is marginal, but you can usually get a good cold beer and watch your favorite sports on one of the 108 television monitors. There are even televisions in the restrooms, so it doesn't matter how many beers you have, you won't miss a second of play.... Read more
Address9840 International Drive
Rosen Centre Hotel
Scott's Review

One of the area’s most under appreciated restaurants, Everglades continues to offer high-quality fare. The Alligator Bay chowder is a terrific starter soup, and the swordfish is a southern inspiration

... Read more
eXile Restaurant and Lounge
Address1319 Florida Mall Ave.
Scott's Review
The menu is, at first glance, rather mundane and predictable: burgers, wings and pizza are the items that stand out. But look a little closer and you’ll find some special treats. Such as pastichio, the Greek style lasagna. It featured pasta layered with ground beef and sliced ham and a creamy, full-flavored bechamel, topped with melted cheese. It was a large brick of a portion and I intended to take half of it home, but I soon found myself forking up the last bite right there. The owners seem genuinely happy to have you there.... Read more
F&D Kitchen and Bar
Address1541 International Parkway
CityLake Mary
Scott's Review
Crispy Pig Snacks is the defining dish at F&D Kitchen and Bar. It shows the creative promise that this Lake Mary restaurant could achieve, but it also demonstrates where it falls short. F&D occupies a space that has in fewer than eight years has been home to four restaurants I can name off the top of my head, and I’m pretty sure I might have missed one or two. Some of them, such as Jinja, Shan and Rikka, all had menus with an Asian influence. The menu of the current occupant is mostly anchored in North America, with a decided dedication to Central Florida, at least in terms of sourcing. The chef is Pete Morales, a graduate of Johnson and Wales University in South Florida, and an alumnus of the estimable Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami, as well as other popular restaurants, including Yardbird Southern Bar & Table and Swine Southern Bar & Table. (How did people come up with restaurant names before the ampersand was invented?) Most of the menu is straightforward, though nothing I would call boring. There were several interesting selections.... Read more
Fairbanks Restaurant
Address1800 W Fairbanks Ave
CityWinter Park
Scott's Review
This is the sort of place I like to come to for breakfast, and when I found myself in Winter Park at an unusually early hour, I stopped in. I ordered the Fairbanks omelet, wtih bacon, ham, sausage, onion, finely diced green peppers, and a few mushrooms folded into an eggy package with melted cheddar on top. It was accompanied by chunky home fries that were nicely crisped but not nearly as greasy as I would have liked them to be.... Read more
Farm & Haus
Address3201 Corrine Drive
Scott's Review
This is mainly and takeout or delivery operation, though there are some tables available to dine "in" at the East End Market. The food has good integrity, but be prepared to pay for it. (Note that although it lists dinner, it closes most nights at 7.)... Read more
Firebirds Wood Fired Grill
Address1562 N. Mills Ave.
Scott's Review
Firebirds is a Charlotte, North Carolina, based chain started in 2000 by Dennis L. Thompson, who co-founded Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon. There are 34 locations (over two million dollars in bar inventory!); the Orlando restaurant is the company's first in Florida. The menu features little creativity yet tries to offer something for everyone. You've got your steaks, chicken dishes, various fish, burgers, meatloaf, five salads, distinguished from four others designated "Firebirds Signature Salads." (The "Soups of the Day" section has eight selections, so figure that one out.) Most everything I tasted was just fine, though nothing rose to a level of wonderful.... Read more