1921 Mount Dora
Address142 E. 4th Ave.
CityMount Dora
Scott's Review
The restaurant occupies an old house, built circa 1921, across the street from the Modernism Museum in the quaint downtown. In partnership with the museum and Main Street Leasing, which is listed as the “presenter” of the museum, 1921 becomes part of the artistic complex that also includes the museum’s shop (every museum has to have a shop), which shares an adjoining patio with the restaurant.... Read more
310 Lakeside
Address301 E. Pine St.
This is a second location for a restaurant called 310 Park South, which was named for its address on Park Avenue in Winter Park. But 310 Lakeside is not at 310 Lakeside, it's at 301 Pine. Very confusing. The food here is mostly straightforward -- steaks, pastas, salads. And most of it is done well enough. The lake on whose side the restaurant sits (actually, it's across the street) is Eola.
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310 Park South
Address310 Park Ave. S.
CityWinter Park

Now in its second decade in the address that is also its name, this Park Avenue casual restaurant recently expanded into the space next door (yes, they had permission). They also opened a second location on Central Boulevard across from Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. Oddly, that one is called 310 Lakeside, even though that is not its address. Oh, well, there's only one Saks on Fifth Avenue, too.

The key to its longevity is something of a mystery to me, although I suspect that most of its fans like that its food, though nothing special, is reliable. I guess there's something to be said for that. And to last more than 11 years in Central Florida, a restaurant has to be doing something right. Right?

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50's Prime Time Cafe
AddressHollywood Blvd.
Disney's Hollywood Studios
CityLake Buena Vista
Television was and is a big part of Hollywood, and its popularity led to the advent of TV dinners. The original concept of this full-service restaurant called for meals to be served in TV dinner trays, but planners worried that some people might not take the food seriously. Instead, patrons sit at plastic-laminate tables while sitcom- styled "moms" serve such fare as meatloaf and chicken pot pie.  Accompanying the classic cuisine are clips of classic comedies on black-and-white TV sets. Each little kitschy kitchenette has its own television playing scenes from The Honeymooners, Make Room for Daddy, I Love Lucy, Topper and other favorites. The sitcom skits replay every 20 minutes or so, which seems appropriate for reruns. Food is better than your basic Swanson’s.... Read more
Address808 E. Washington St.
Scott's Review
Hawaiian cuisine (yes, there is Spam) in the former Dexter's space.... Read more
903 Mills Market
Address903 S. Mills Ave.
Scott's Review
A real neighborhoody kind of gathering place with beer and wine and (mostly) sandwiches. Almost all seating is outdoors.... Read more
Ace Cafe
Address100 W. Livingston Street
Scott's Review
Ostensibly an American version of a London eatery (not quite), Ace is dedicated to motorcycles, music and food. In that order.... Read more
Alex's Fresh Kitchen
Address1015 State Road 436
Scott's Review
Charming cafe with above average food.... Read more