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Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

Address7972 Via Dellagio Way
Price Level$$$

M , T , W , TH , F , Sat , Sun
No brunch offered
Dining Options
Wheelchair AccessYes
BeveragesFull Bar
Noise LevelLoud Noise Level
Outdoor DiningYes
Late NightYes
Scott's Review

It's big and modern and offers so much more than sushi, although the sushi is some of the best of what it does, especially the deftly executed nigirizushi. Dragonfly also features robata grilling, a popular cooking method in Japan but still fairly uncommon in the U.S. A robata grill uses special charcoal that heats to one thousand degrees (oh, how I wish I could do that on my Weber). The intense heat sears the skewered meats that are leaned against it, which results in tender, juicy bites. We tried the chicken, and it was impressively tender. We also tried the braised short ribs, served with pickled carrots, shiitake and tamago. They weren’t the most tender short ribs I’ve had -- and a bit difficult to pick apart with chopsticks -- but the flavor was very nice.

7972 Via Dellagio Way

Contact Data:

Phone: 407-370-3359
Website: Dragonfly