AJ's Press
Address182 W. State Road 434
I knew I was going to like AJ's Press the moment I stepped inside. That's when I was welcomed, warmly and genuinely, and when, upon hearing that it was my first time there, someone shoved a Jalapeño Bacon Hush Puppy at me. AJ's Press is, despite the name, which makes it sound like a news organization, a Longwood sandwich shop in a small strip mall near the railroad tracks. The Press part of the name refers to the device that applies heat and pressure to flatten the sandwiches, á la a Cuban sandwich.... Read more
Alex's Fresh Kitchen
Address1015 State Road 436
Scott's Review
Charming cafe with above average food.... Read more
Bad As's Sandwich
Address207 N. Primrose Drive
Scott's Review
A good sandwich shop with a cheeky name.... Read more
Banh Mi Nha Trang
Address1216 E. Colonial Drive
Scott's Review
Banh mi basically means bread, and just like the Louisiana po’boy or just about any other sub sandwich you can name, the bread is the key element. It is essentially a mini baguette — the banh mi’s roots stem from the French colonization. I could describe to you what a perfect baguette for a banh mi would look and taste like, but instead, just go to Banh Mi Nha Trang and see for yourself. BMNT is a well-hidden little shop among the many other Vietnamese owned and focused businesses in in the Mills 50 district. The tiny storefront is tucked inside an alcove of about a dozen shops. The signage is not great — I walked past it twice while trying to find it. And once you’re inside, it doesn’t look much like a restaurant. It’s almost like a slapdash operation or a pop-up sandwich shop. Banh mi is all that the shop does, and when they’re this good there’s little reason for it to do anything else. What’s more, the sandwiches are all just $3.50. I challenge you to find a better sandwich of any type that is a better value in town.... Read more
Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux
Address3022 Corrine Drive

Cycling fans Jen and Darrell Cunningham dedicated their new cafe to their favorite sports: bicycling, drinking coffee and sipping wine. Food is mostly sandwiches and soups.

The menu mainly features sandwiches, and most have names that might make sense only to the most diehard cycling fan. For instance, there’s the Rasmussen, named for Michael Rasmussen, whose nickname is the Chicken (chicken salad);  s.a.g. stop special, short for supply and gear stop where cyclists get basics during a break (peanut butter and bananas); and the Lance-wich, named for Lance Armstrong, who for some reason inspired this ham and turkey sandwich.

Luckily, once you get past that bit of preciousness you’ll find some good sandwiches. I had the Lance-wich, wich was not what I would call big (the menu calls it champion-sized), but it had plenty of thinly slices ham and turkey on double-deck multigrain bread with a variety of toppings. I also had a cup of soup, which is called simply soup and had rice and chicken in a creamy and well-seasoned broth.

Despite the cycling terms on the menu, there is very little bicycle kitsch in the décor. It would have been easy to go overboard with... Read more

Carrie's Winter Park Cafe
Address240 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
CityWinter Park
Scott's Review
Formerly Canopy Cafe (and Tolla's before that), this little breakfast and lunch spot has a fully covered and screened patio for almost al fresco dining. It also has really good (and loaded) omelets.... Read more
Earl of Sandwich
Address1750 E. Buena Vista Drive
CityLake Buena Vista
There's more to the name here than just a play on a historical figure. John Montagu, the 11th Earl of Sandwich, is involved in the business, although the project was started by his son Orlando, who is not in line to inherit the title. There's another Earl involved: Robert Earl, founder of Planet Hollywood. Legend has it, of course, that it was the fourth Earl of Sandwich who came up with the idea of slapping meat between some bread. The usual story is that he was a gambler and didn't want to put down his cards, but Lord Sandwich, the current one, told me over sherries in the House of Parliament a few years ago, that his ancestor was also a womanizer and it may have been a lady in his other hand. Whatever, the sandwiches here are very good and impressively thick. You may actually need both hands. The 4th Earl would not approve.... Read more
Address486 N. Orange Ave.
Scott's Review
A downtown salad assemblage concept, offering fresh lunchtime options.... Read more