Share Our Strength's Taste of the Nation a Huge -- Really Huge -- Success

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Share Our Strength put on another terrific Taste of the Nation event Saturday. Sadly, it was the 21st annual.

I say sadly because the event’s purpose is to raise awareness and money to put an end to childhood hunger in the U.S. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have had more than a couple of these events. But there you go.

This year, the grand affair took place at Orlando World Center Marriott. I sure hope they gave Share Our Strength a good deal on the space, because they almost certainly made a hefty profit on the parking alone. Rates were $22 for valet and $8 for the privilege of parking in the hotel’s garage. There was no alternative. The resort is pretty remote and there is no other place to park and walk.

Taste of the Nation Takes Off Saturday Night

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Share Our Strength’s annual fundraiser, Taste of the Nation, is tomorrow, Saturday, June 5, at Marriott World Center. Doors open at 6 p.m. for those who purchase VIP tickets; 6:45 p.m. for the masses. VIP tickets are $150; general admission is $100. One hundred percent goes toward the cause. Visit the Web site to purchase tickets.

Taste of the Nation brings the area’s best culinary talent together to raise money -- and awareness -- for the nation’s hungry. The funds go toward ending childhood hunger.

This is a terrific event and there’s always a lot of good talent. Click on the image above to see a video I put together at last year’s Taste of the Nation. And here’s a list of some of the restaurants that will be participating this year:

McDonald's Recalls Shrek Glasses containing McCadmium

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A drinking glass tied into the latest Shrek movie has been found to contain cadmium. (The toxic metal is in the paint on the outside of the glass and has nothing to do with the McShakes or other drinks that might be served in them.) According to a report by the AP, the glasses, being sold at McDonald's for $2 each, have cadmium in the dyes of the painted design. Cadmium, which can be used to create yellows and reds, can be toxic with longterm exposure. The voluntary recall was initiated with the fear that children could get some of the dyes on their hands and put their hands in their mouths.

McDonald's will post information on its Web site about refunds for the glasses, but says consumers should stop using them immediately, "Out of an abundance of caution."

By the way, can't blame this one on cheap Chinese production: the glasses were made in the U.S.

O'boys Leaves Former Harper's Tavern Location; Will Become Big Star Restaurant and Osceola Room Bar

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O’boys Real Smoked BBQ has vacated the former Harper’s Tavern on Fairbanks Avenue. Craig Tremblay, whose most recent project was the nearby Winter Park Fish Company, has taken possession and will turn the space into a combination restaurant with a separate bar.

That should sound familiar to locals who remember when the building was home to Le Cordon Bleu restaurant and Harper’s Tavern. The Tavern was one of the oldest bars in Central Florida. Both businesses closed following a fire that nearly destroyed the building.

Tremblay says the restaurant will be called Big Star. There’s no significance to the name, or at least “I haven’t thought of it yet,” says Tremblay. The bar is tentatively named the Osceola Room. The restaurant’s menu will have a southern accent but also feature gourmet burgers and, because the barbecue’s smokers are already there, pork shoulder and other smoked meats. There will be some fish, but that won’t be a focus, says Tremblay. He will feature an oyster bar.

The restaurant will have 4000 square feet; the bar will be 2000 square feet and have a separate entrance. It will serve full liquor. Tremblay hopes to have the restaurant side open in about six weeks with the bar taking a couple of months to be operational.

Tremblay says he is still a partner at Winter Park Fish Company but is no longer involved in day to day operations.