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There are big changes afoot at Charlie’s Bakery, beginning with its name. Henceforth, the Curry Ford West business shall be known as Charlie’s Bakery & Creamery.

The Creamery part of the name reflects the new product line of house-made ice creams, which are set to start scooping sometime next week. (Maybe it will warm back up by then and ice cream will sound more attractive.)

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The refrigerated case is already in place, as is a new decor that features white subway tiles on a wall where once there was a window into the kitchen. There’s also a wood-slat border on the wall under a new ceiling. Soon, the new logo will adorn the wall behind the bakery dispaly case and on the sign out front.

The changes are being made by new owners who took over in October after the previous owners retired.

Charlie’s has been a perennial favorite among locals for decades and is situated in a strip mall that also holds the very good Clemon’s Produce store. Now all it needs is a good fishmonger and butcher. Hey, Hinckley’s Fancy Meats – you looking to expand?

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