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Bye-bye to another Bubbalou's and Stonewall but good stuff, too.

Bubbalou Apopka

It was just in September that we learned the original Bubbalou’s Bodacious Bar-b-que, on Lee Road in Winter Park, had closed. Now comes word that the Apopka location on Rock Springs Road has also shuttered. As with the Winter Park store, circumstances created by the pandemic are the reason, although a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page said: “There’s no one to blame. There’s no situation to blame.” But the post also stated: “For almost the past two years, we have stayed ahead of the pandemic and everything surrounding it. With all of the obstacles we have faced, we have given it our best shot, but can no longer justify staying open.” That leaves the Altamonte Springs and Conroy Road, Orlando, locations the only remaining.

While we’re on the subject of closings, Stonewall, the gay bar on Church Street across from Exploria Stadium, has also closed. I mention it only because it originally opened as a bar and restaurant, Stonewall Bistro, and over the last 14 or so years made other attempts to serve food along with booze. Booze won.

The newish Marketplace at Avalon Park has added breakfast hours, with Pico de Gallo and Nola at Avalon Park serving breakfast burritos, tacos, pancakes, biscuits and more along with joe cups from Rosso Coffee Bar. You can also get a mimosa when Avalon General Store opens at 11 a.m. to make it a boozy brunch, because as we’ve already established, booze wins.

4Roots check presentation2 copy

Prato, the Park Avenue Italian restaurant, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and used the occasion to raise funds for 4Roots, the organization that promotes “a healthy, thriving, sustainable food system” in Central Florida. Through a silent auction and guest donations, the restaurant raised more than $6,000. The Prato team tossed in another 10 grand.

Cantina Catrina, or Cantrina for short, will hold its grand opening on January 18. This is notable only because it has not announced a soft opening; it’s going right to grand. Cantrina will be at Florida Mall at the entrance to its food court. Excuse me...Dining Pavilion.

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