Sapporo Ramen Closing

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Sapporo Ramen exterior

Ramenphiles are bemoaning the imminent closing of Sapporo Ramen, one of the area’s earliest purveyors of what is now a popular Japanese noodle trends. In a sign posted on the door of the restaurant, which is in the repurposed west Orlando shopping center known as Chinatown, the owners announced they are retiring and will permanently close on Dec. 28.

An image of the sign has been posted and reposted on Facebook by shocked fans. “I saw this in my feed and didn’t want to believe it. So I went there today to see for myself,” wrote one heartbroken customer. “Nooooooooooooo!!” wrote two or three others.

Sapporo, which I reviewed in 2013, preceded the likes of Domu, Jinya and downtown’s The Ramen and was notable for its more traditional approach to the noodle and broth delicacy.

The owners of the restaurant had also owned Sapporo Japanese Steak House in Daytona Beach, but that hibachi-style eatery closed in 2017.