Peppy Bistro has Closed

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Peppy interior

The Peppy Bistro, the College Park restaurant that took over the Paxia space last year, has closed.

The restaurant, which opened in May of 2016, got its name from the owner, Jerry Peppy. In a Facebook post dated Oct. 31, Peppy wrote:

To all my friends family and patrons I sadly decided to close the restaurant. I Originally came up to Orlando to be with my family during my father's illness. I opened The Peppy Bistro with great expectations and promise but unfortunately the market here was not what I was expecting. I did however meet some wonderful friends and people that will always be special to me. My father's passing the summer took a toll on many things including me. Not sure what's next but I want to thank everyone for all their love and support.

The restaurant's menu was hard to peg, which I noted in a mostly favorable review, and featured one of the largest meatballs in Central Florida.