Roll Back the Barrel: Polski's Abruptly Closed

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Poolski sign

Do you remember Polski's? No? How about Biscuits? Didn't think so.

How about Polonia? Sure, of course, you remember the restaurant that dished out Polish food for 10 years in Longwood (and for a time before that on Aloma Avenue in Winter Park).

Well, all three restaurants are connected, and none of them exists anymore.

To rehash, hash being an appropriate term for Biscuits, Polonia occupied a free-standing building on US 17-92 just a bit south of State Road 434. Last year, the owners took over a Dan's family style restaurant in the strip mall just behind Polonia. There they opened Biscuits, which continued the Dan's tradition of serving a lot of breakfasty items and other diner favorites.

But they also served Polish dishes, which seemed odd.

But then they closed Polonia. And when I visited Biscuits in early August with the intention of doing a review, I learned that Biscuits's days were numbered and that Polski's would be the new name, with a menu more like Polonia's.

But why not just reopen as Polonia?

Turns out that Polonia closed with a bankruptcy filing hanging over its golumki. So reopening as Polonia was not an option.

So Polski's it is. Or was.

Polski orange

Today the restaurant is shut tight. An orange sticker on the front door warns people that the dishwashing equipment is leased and the lessor would like it back, please. (Actually, they don't say please.)

Polski not opening

And next to the orange sticker is a hand-scribbled note on plain white paper stuck to the glass door with cellophane tape. It reads: "Not Re-opening."

Well, at least they didn't use the old "Closed for Remodeling" trope.

It seems that all social media accounts for all three restaurants have been deleted. Calls to the phone number for Polski's are answered by a recording that says the recipient's mailbox is full. Neighboring businesses say they don't know what happened.

As for the place where Polonia pierogied for a decade, it is now occupied by a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho 4 U.

I'll have a review 4 U tomorrow.

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