2017 Foodster Award for Best Breakfast: Shakers American Cafe

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Best Breakfast plaque

Shakers American Cafe is the winner of the 2017 Best Breakfast Foodster Award. The readers of Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide chose Se7en Bites Bake Shop for second place and Winter Park’s Briarpatch for third.

In casting her vote, Lucy Minnie Schnauzer (probably not her real name; just guessing) wrote “Shakers American Cafe always has fresh, creatively plated breakfast entrees. The new owners make it a friendlier place to go.”

Chris Huff wrote, “Seven Bites! The whole menu is fantastic.”

Shakers, the small diner on Edgewater Drive in College Park, is named for the myriad salt and pepper shakers that decorate the space. “We love College Park,” said Terry Granda, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Greg, who also serves as the chef. The Grandas bought the restaurant three years ago because, said Terry, it reminded her of the sort of neighborhood restaurant she grew up with in the sixties and seventies. “It’s a unique little place.”

Shakers opened in 1993 in a space that at one time was a Carolina BBQ. The address is 1308 Edgewater Drive, Orlando.

Se7en Bites Bake Shop is somewhat newer, and its current location, 617 Primrose Drive, Orlando, even more recent.

Briarpatch, 252 N. Park Ave., Winter Park, is another old-timer, dating back to 1980.

The Foodsters are an ongoing program to recognize and celebrate culinary excellence in Central Florida. The Foodsters are open to any restaurant with three or fewer locations -- no chains.

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