Orlando Will Not Be Home to Next Planet Hollywood Hotel

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You might have thought that when Orlando based Planet Hollywood got around to building its second PH hotel, to got with the one it has in Las Vegas, Orlando would be the logical location. Because, you know, hometown and all. Plus, we use a lot of hotels around here. Just sayin'.

But no. As hotelchatter.com reports, the city chosen for a new Planet Hollywood hotel is Utorda Beach in lovely Goa, India. According to the article, the hotel will feature "115 rooms, 15 luxury tents, spa, and multiple swimming pools."

I'm sure it will have all of the amenities that...


Luxury tents?

I asked a Planet Hollywood spokeswoman what that means and she said she didn't know but plans to find out. I'll pass the info along to you. In the meantime, start planning your Goan getaway.

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