Maxine's on Shine Replaces Shine Neighborhood Kitchen

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Shine_Neighborhood_KitchenWelcome now to the neighborhood Maxine’s. Maxine’s on Shine, to be exact.


That’s the new name of the restaurant that opened in September of 2010 as Shine Neighborhood Kitchen. That business was a partnership that included some of the owners of Graffiti Junktion. Recently one of the partners, Kirt Earhart, bought out the others. The new name is partly to honor his wife, Maxine Broadwell, and partly because Earhart felt that a restaurant with a name sounds friendlier.


Earhart was well familiar with the space at 337 N. Shine Ave. having been on the staff of Bravissimo when it occupied it for many years. Besides the change in name, Earhart says there have been some decor changes (the restaurant closed for a few days so that Maxine could “move in” and reopened Thursday evening). The menu, he says, will “implode before it explodes,” meaning that he and Bret Ashman (Spooky’s, the Social Chameleon), who is overseeing the kitchen as chef and partner, will focus on selected items from the Shine menu and then slowly add new dishes. Earhart says it will keep its Italian and Mediterranean flavor for now, but “you’ll start to see some latin, maybe some Asian, in the form of specials” featured.


One nice touch: Earhart says that Maxine’s will continue to honor SJO Dining Deals purchased for Shine Neighborhood Kitchen.


Other plans include a website and mobile application that will allow guests to order food before they arrive.