Former Restaurant Space Demolished


Old South Seas

Old timers will remember when the behemoth building at 3001 Curry Ford Road in Orlando was home to a restaurant called South Seas Seafood. It was quite popular when I moved to town in 1988. I reviewed it the following year and was surprised that anyone could have liked anything about it. The restaurant was sold shortly after that and the new owners operated it for a time under the same name.

They eventually changed the name to Blue Whale, but the quality of the food did not improve. The space then became a huge sports bar, in 1992, called Sports Dimensions. But that never caught on.  The building then became home to nonfood businesses, including a clubhouse for a Puerto Rican group.

As I drove by the other day, I couldn't help but notice that the structure was being torn down (I'm a trained observer). Food will once again be available from that address -- a Wawa will rise once the rubble is removed.

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