Greg Richie's Lemongrass Shrimp Summer Rolls

Here's the recipe for the Lemongrass Shrimp Summer Rolls that chef Greg Richie prepared on Fox35 this morning. Richie will be demonstrating how to make the rolls again Saturday on the Cooking Stage at the Orlando Home Show. Tickets are still available, and I'm still offering them half off: $5 with no restrictions (other discounted tickets restrict you to certain hours). Just go to the Home Show Web site and type SJO where it asks for a promotional code.

Keep reading for Richie's recipe.

"The Next Food Network Star" has Red Lobster's next catch of the day special

Sunday night's episode of the cooking show "The Next Food Network Star" featured a bit of marketing genius from sponsor Red Lobster. The contestants were charged with creating a recipe for a wood-fire-grilled entree featuring fish species available from Red Lobster. You may have noticed that the latest reinvention of Orlando-based Red Lobster focuses on wood-fire grilling. The restaurants were retrofitted with wood-fire grills last fall, and their chefs went through special training to cook on them.

The winner of Sunday's show, which I'm pretty sure airs on the Food Network, was Jeffrey Saad for his recipe of tilapia in spicy broth. The broth, of course, is not done on the grill. As a result of winning the evening's competition, Saad's recipe will be featured as "today's fresh fish" selection in 690 restaurants across North America. Saad and senior executive chef Michael LaDuke were doing satellite interviews with television stations across the country this morning from a Kissimmee Red Lobster. The two also put together the video below that demonstrates how to prepare the dish. Watch that, then click here to see the recipe.