Big Time ext

It seems to be something of a mini trend for bars to partner with nearby or even next-door restaurants. Most bar owners seem to want to focus on the alcohol and not have to worry about all the problems associated with serving food. Yet they recognize that their customers might want something to eat while they drink. And generally speaking, it's probably a good idea for the drinkers to have something in their stomachs.

Ocean Sun Brewing announced that it would allow customers to order food from La Fiesta Mexican restaurant when the two became neighbors on Curry Ford Road. And Hourglass Brewing in Longwood has an open-door policy with Wako Taco -- literally; there is a door from the bar to the restaurant so people can order without going outside. And when the food is ready, someone from Wako will find them in the bar to deliver it.

That's the setup at Big Time Street Food Co. in Thornton Park. There is a doorway from the nascent food operator into Burton's Bar, the longtime dive that has been a fixture of Thornton Park before it was Thornton Park. Order some food at the takeout-only Big Time and you can walk through the doorway to Burton's and wait for it at the bar. You can eat it there, too, if you like.


4r food truck

John Rivers, owner of the 4 Rivers Smokehouse chain, announced Monday that 4R Restaurant Group will open a new concept at Disney Springs.

The 4R Barbacoa Food Truck will feature the brisket and pulled pork that locals have come to know at the popular smokehouse but will be prepared in a barbacoa style, a method popular in the Caribbean and Mexico.

It will have one other major difference from the company’s other barbecue restaurants: it will be open on Sundays. Proceeds from Sunday sales will go to the 4R Foundation charity. All of the group’s other restaurants will maintain the closed-on-Sundays policy.

The food truck will be permanently parked in the Marketplace at Disney Springs. Some signature dishes will include a Taco Cone and Burrito Bowl filled with a choice of meats, such as Brisket Barbacoa or Pork Sofrito.

The food truck is slated to open in late August.



A cornucopia of items.

  • SeaWorld is diving deeper into special-event waters and has announced a new Craft Beer Festival for Nov. 3 through 11, but only on weekends. So, basically, two weekends. That isn’t much time to sample the more than 100 beers, mostly from Florida, the theme park plans to have on draft. Food will be involved, too, with over 20 “unique” food items, according to a press release.
  • Another SeaWorld item: happy hour. Through Sept. 2, guests can can enjoy BOGO offers on all beverages and some food items at Flamecraft Bar and Sharks Underwater Grill. It starts daily at 4 p.m. The press release doesn’t mention an end time, so it’s either all evening or it’s a literal hour of happy.
  • More SeaWorld: Free beer. Also through Sept. 2, the park is offering free domestic and seasonal beers at Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen Patio. You may have two of the seven-ounce pours.


Chicken Guy!, the exclamation pointed collaboration between Robert Earl and Guy Fieri, is set to open any minute now at Disney Springs. I stopped in Wednesday for a sneak peek with Earl and a taste of some of the Chicken (but not the Guy). Check out the video below.