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Here are the finalists for the 2020 Best Burger Foodster Award for Independent Restaurants.

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Voting will continue through Thursday, Aug. 12.


Nick logo

I’m sure it’s no coincidence that Nick Filet sounds a lot like the name of a certain never-on-Sundays fast food chain. But there actually is a Nick behind the new fast-fooder, which recently opened a franchise in the Marketplace at Dr. Phillips off Restaurant Row, and it specializes in filets, and even uses the proper spelling.

The Nick in question is Nick Kline, and he and his father, Keith, started Nick Filet not quite three years ago with the first restaurant in Paoli, just outside Philadelphia. The Orlando location is just one of four and the first outside of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Nick’s niche is simple: Instead of the ubiquitous chicken sandwich that every other franchise seems to specialize in, Nick’s offers a steak on a bun. It isn’t a unique idea. In fact, there’s a similar concept, Steak on Fire, just over a quarter of a mile away.


Trina on tv

Trina Gregory-Propst of Se7enbites won the championship on the Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games. The show, also known as Triple G or GGG, is hosted by Guy Fieri and involves chefs running around grocery aisles, or something like that. The show has aired but you can watch it online if you sign in with your cable provider. It’s also available on Discovery+. If you want to be surprised at the outcome, don’t read the first line above.

World champion pastry chef Laurent Branlard of the Swan and Dolphin was also on Food Network Sunday participating in something called Buddy Vs. Duff. Branlard was on two episodes called Baker Battle: Fairy Tale and Sweet Rides. You can watch those episodes the same way.



Boca, the Park Avenue restaurant and bar that opened in 2014, is under new ownership. Artistry Restaurants, a relatively new group based in Winter Park, is the new owner of the restaurant and its companion business Atlantic Beer and Oysters. The company also took ownership of the original Boca, in Sarasota, and operates the Burger U at UCF.

Darren Brach, area manager for Boca, said Friday, “Right now we’re getting in here and getting some facilities going.” He alluded to “mixed messages” the restaurant had sent in the past about what it was and that they would be working to hone the concept. The company will continue to operate Atlantic Beer and Oysters, which is in a small space behind the corner restaurant.


Bombayst signs

I guess we’re still not over this obsession with street food. For some reason, there’s a strong attraction to any foodstuff billed as something that you might purchase from a vendor’s cart stationed on a curb in a large urban area someplace in the world. Of course, most of the restaurants that tout street fare are safely ensconced behind brick and mortar facades with the benefit of a fully outfitted professional kitchen. Frankly, I’m looking forward to when the trend is to tout “We specialize in foods commonly presented in full-service restaurants.”

The latest to jump on the street food bandwagon, wagonless as it is, is Bombay Street Kitchen, a rebranding of sorts from a business that used to be called Bombay Cafe and was located about a half a block away.

The menu may indeed have items associated with street vendors – as I recall, so did Bombay Cafe. But the menu here is more extensive than things you’d associate with eating on a curb (good thing, too, since the curb outside if Orange Blossom Trail).