Luma building

Luma (no longer) On Park and its former landlord, BFC Park Avenue, have settled the lawsuits each filed against the other through mediation. The Luma owners said in its suit that it was being used as a pawn by one of the landlords in a “diabolical plan to inflict financial pain and suffering upon his family members.” The landlord called Luma’s claim “revisionist history” and said the restaurant moved out while still owing more than $180,000 in rent. Luma was looking for financial damages and the return of the restaurant to the Park Avenue space.

No details of the settlement have been released, and an email to a member of the law firm representing BFC did not elicit a reply. But seeing as how the South Florida restaurant group Mila is still planning to open a Mediterranean restaurant called Ava there this fall, we’ll assume they won’t be sharing the space with Luma.


BCrust pie

I could see where some purists might take umbrage with Buttercrust Pizza’s name. Not the Buttercrust part – that’s a perfect description of the taste.

It’s the word Pizza some might object to. That’s because Buttercrust’s does not fit the usual mold. And that includes the shape of the mold. I can see the point of the pizza snobs who won’t have anything but a New York style thin crust wedge you have to fold the fit in your mouth. I get it. But they should get over it and try Buttercrust because whatever you call it it pretty darned delicious.



Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips opened Monday, Aug. 9, at Icon Park on International Drive in Orlando.

This is the first Florida location for the Hell’s Kitchen host and celebrity chef’s fast food concept. The first North America GRF&C opened in Las Vegas.

“Fish & Chips was a real tradition for me growing up, so I’m excited to deliver that same nostalgia to all the local residents and tourists here in Orlando,” Ramsay said in a press release without swearing. Despite saying “here in Orlando,” Ramsay is not attending the opening. One assumes he sent someone to denigrate and humiliate in his stead.

Besides offering Ramsay’s “take on classic fish and chips,” the menu features fried shrimp, lobster, chicken, and his signature “Fishwich.”

The restaurant held preview dinners over the weekend and collected donations for national charity partners Make-A-Wish® and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, as well as Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips is open for lunch and dinner daily.


beer in amsterdam

It’s International Beer Day, so if you like to celebrate such things, have a beer. Otherwise, it’s Friday, have a beer anyway.

If you can wait a week for that beer – and if you’ve had a day like mine, you can’t – SeaWorld’s Craft Beer Festival returns beginning Friday, Aug. 13, and, according to a press release, runs through Sept. 12. Also in the same press release, mention of festival participants for the weekend of Sept. 17. So, yeah, I’ll take that beer now. The Craft Beer Festival is a Friday to Sunday thing with each weekend featuring different brewers, including locals Crooked Can, Ivanhoe Park and Big Storm Brewing, among others.

Moving from a water-based animal park to a drier one, the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford has updated the menu for its onsite restaurant, which has been renamed Graze. Also in breaking news: the Central Florida Zoo has a restaurant. The announcement for new menu items was not accompanied with any news about a reduction in animal exhibits, so we’ll call that a win. The zoo’s press release noted, “parents can get excited for the option to order on their phones.” Dear parents, if that excites you, you’ll be positively giddy to know that you can access the menu through a QR code.

I got another press release for a dining event called Flame, which I thought at first had something to do with the announcement that the Parliament House was reopening in downtown Orlando. But no, this is apparently a popup dining experience wherein the food is cooked with flame throwers and blowtorches by what are being described as pyro-chefs. The cost is $85 for “a crazy 2-course adventure.” Eighty-five bucks for two courses. Yeah, I’d say that’s crazy. It’s Nov. 4 “for a limited time” in a secret location. Just follow the sounds of the fire truck sirens.

Don’t forget to place your vote for the 2021 Best Burger Foodster Award for Independent Restaurants. You can find the list of finalists and mark your ballot here.

Know what goes great with a burger? Beer.


4roots sign

I thought it was a nifty idea when 4Roots, an initiative from 4 Rivers Restaurants dedicated to teaching the connection to food choices and individual health, opened 4Roots Cafe at Orlando Science Center. Besides offering healthful food choices, including plant based and sustainable options, it was to include food exhibits and educational videos and even a display with a robotic arm that picks strawberries.

I was only mildly annoyed that access to the cafe was available only through the Science Center, which required the purchase of a ticket. Not that that’s unheard of – you can’t eat at a restaurant in Epcot unless you pay for admission. And OSC costs a whoooooole lot less than Epcot. And parking is cheaper, too.

But now the cafe is accessible to the public without an entrance fee (though it would still be a good thing to support the center if you can).