Artisan table exterior

Artisan’s Table has moved about a block and a half to Church Street from its original location on Pine Street in downtown Orlando. The five-year-old restaurant gained visibility with its move to a space on the ground floor of the 55 West apartment building across the courtyard from Rusty Spoon.

I wish now that it could regain some of the artisanality one would expect from its name. Instead, it offers a fairly unexciting menu of safe options. The food I sampled was all good; it just wasn’t what I would call artisanal.


Pointe link

Pointe Orlando, the dining and entertainment complex on International Drive, will undergo a $32 million 12-month redevelopment project beginning this fall.

A major part of the redo is to include a 100-foot passageway called The Link (shown at top just under Taverna Opa), which will provide a covered walkway from Blue Martini’s valet entrance on International Drive to Main Event Entertainment.

An escalator will be added for easier access to second-level businesses, such as Taverna Opa and Regal Cinemas.


Fifth Element exterior

As I write this I’m in London, which, I’m told, has more Indian restaurants than Mumbai. I don’t know if that’s true, and frankly, I’d be more impressed if Mumbai has more fish and chips joints than London.

I do know that every time I’ve visited London in the past, I’ve been disappointed with the Indian restaurants here. I suppose that’s because my concept of what good Indian food should be has been shaped by the restaurants I’ve experienced in the U.S. What I know to be good and not so good Indian food is from domestic eating. And based on that, I think 5thElement, a restaurant in Sanford, is good.


Milky Way

  • Orlando’s Milk District is inviting you to travel the Milky Way in a sort of do-it-yourself pub stroll on Friday, June 14, from 6 to 10 p.m. Participants will start at the Orlando Elks Lodge, not usually known as a bar stop, to pick up a glass, a wristband and a map. Then off you go for samples at a dozen or so food and beverage businesses. Tickets are $10. More info here.
  • Food halls are all the rage, apparently. There’s one planned for the former Great Southern Box Company building in College Park, and another destined for the Fort Gatlin shopping center south of downtown. It’s farther south than SoDo, so...SoSoDo?


TamaleTamale co top

It’s really impressive how much a restaurant’s serving staff can affect the overall experience. It’s a point I make repeatedly in my online Server’s Training Course.

Of course it doesn’t hurt if the restaurant has good food to go along with a pleasant serving staff.

Tamale Co. has both. And now the popular food truck purveyor of fine Mexican fare has a nonwheeled location in Orlando’s unofficially designated Hourglass District.