Beer glass

Polls are now open for the Best Craft Beer in our Foodster Awards for Independent Restaurants. Head on over to the Foodsters page to place your vote.

The nominees were chosen for their dedication to presenting a varied and well-thought-out list of handcrafted brews. If you're a beer aficionado, chances are your favorite is already on the list.

But if it's not, feel free to write in its name. Just remember, Foodster Awards recognize excellence among independent businesses with three or fewer locations -- sorry Brass Tap; sorry World of Beer.

Also, before you write in a name, be sure it isn't already on the ballot. Duplicates will be deleted, as will those that don't qualify as independents.

Voting will continue through August 23 and the winner will be announced in the Aug. 24 edition of the e-letter.

Pig Floyd plaque

Pig Floyd's Urban Barbakoa has been voted Best Barbecue in Scott Joseph's Foodster Awards for Independent Restaurants. Porkie's Original BBQ of Apopka was second, and write-in candidate Ellie Lou's Brews and BBQ was third.

"Very tough choice," wrote John Frost. "In the end I voted for Pig Floyd's not just for the portions and flavors, but for the diversity of BBQ options from around the globe." Pig Floyd's is at 1326 N. Mills Ave., Orlando, and recently opened a second location in Lake Nona at 9680 N. Narcoossee Road, Orlando. If it keeps growing, it won't be eligible for a Foodster Award -- only non-chains with three or fewer locations may be nominated.

David Waits enthusiastically filled out his ballot and said, "Porkie's Original BBQ in Apopka can't be beat!"

Ellie Lou's had many voters but few commenters. Shane Crain wrote in the comment section, "Where is Ellie Lou's?" It's unclear if Shane was wondering why Ellie Lou's wasn't in the original list of nominees or if he didn't know where Ellie Lou's is located. If it's the latter, I have to admit I didn't know either. But I know now that it is in Ocoee, and it's on my list of places to check out.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the nominees. As John Frost said, very tough choice.

You know what goes well with good barbecue? Craft beer, that's what. Voting is now open for Best Craft Beer selection, so head over to the Foodster page and enter your vote.

Brooklyn Coffee sandwich lede

For a place called Brooklyn Coffee Shop, there is quite an extensive food menu at this new Mills 50 spot.

Also, for a place named after a New York borough, there's a lot of South American influences. Seattle, too. Also Miami.

But that's all explained, at least partially, on the business's website. Owners Daniel and Patricia Carvalho lived in Seattle and New York but moved to Brazil, where, in 2010, they opened the first Brooklyn Coffee Shop as a paean to Seattle's favorite liquid and Brooklyn's neighborhood bistros. That location in Curitiba and a second one there continue, though its Facebook page makes a lot of references to Orlando.

The Orlando BCS takes the space most recently occupied by Restaurant Ash, which was also the original Funky Monkey Wine Co. So there's a kitchen to be put to use.

El Pueblo food

Only one other customer came into El Pueblo during my dinnertime visit, and he wasn't even there to eat. And he couldn't have been sorrier.

From what I could gather from his apologia to the young woman taking the orders and to the cook who also acknowledged his arrival, he had been outvoted by his family regarding dinner. He had been sent for takeout, but his family chose pizza as the food to be taken. So, apparently, he placed the order at a nearby pizzeria then popped in to El Pueblo for a beer while he waited. And maybe a side order of the Mexican rice to go.

But what he really wanted was No. 8 on the menu. "I don't even know what it's called," he said, without getting an answer. He just knew it by number.

For the record, the No. 8 is Pechuga de Pollo Asada, or grilled chicken breast with beans and salad, and of course the rice that is better than pizza. But you can just call it No. 8.