SushiCafe sushi

No, I’m not worried about the latest sushi scare, and I have no intention to stop eating it.

In case you missed it, the latest news to strike a raw nerve regarding raw fish involves anisakiasis, which is an illness caused by eating raw seafood contaminated with a parasite, a type of nematode, though I’m pretty sure it’s a different type than the one that is destroying my vegetable garden. Still, it’s essentially a worm.

What happens is that when someone eats a piece of fish with the parasite in it — you’re not eating right now, are you? You may want to unhand that hand roll for a few minutes. Anyway, what happens is that after you swallow it, the parasite can attach itself to your esophagus, stomach lining or anywhere in the vast theme-park-like slide that is your intestines.

The good news is that it can’t survive in that harsh environment known as your digestive tract for more than 10 days, tops. I don’t mean yours personally. It’s pretty much the same for everybody. The bad news is that 10 days can be pretty unpleasant — pain, vomiting, nausea.




Reyes exterior

That space that for many years was Citrus Restaurant, long before the neighborhood it sits in became known as the North Quarter District, has been transformed into Reyes Mezcaleria, a Mexican restaurant that brings street food inside to a fun and comfortable atmosphere.

You’d be hard pressed to find any of the old Citrus in the place. As reimagined by Sue Chin, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Jason, the space is more open, especially the bar area, thanks in part to a clever move of the restaurant’s main entrance, which also netted some additional patio seating.

String lights give the impression of outdoor dining inside, and small touches like faded frond stencils on worn and cracked terrazzo give an impression that the building is older than it is. I knew I would like the decor because Chin also designed the likable Osprey Tavern’s interior.

Hourglass map

This article has been updated with information from the developer.

There are big plans in the works for the Hourglass District, with new restaurants, markets and coffee shops.

What’s that? You’ve never heard of the Hourglass District? Neither have I, and I live about three blocks from it. It’s at the intersection of Curry Ford Road and Bumby Avenue and the name, apparently, comes from a lake, which is not at that intersection. I don’t think it can even be seen from there.

It should be mentioned that Hourglass District is not the official name of that district. That would be Curry Ford West, another name I’ve never heard of.

TR dinner party menu

When we first started planning our Dinner Party at TR Fire Grill, back at the beginning of the year, and settled on May 11 for the date, we thought, “Tra la, it’s May, we’ll just take over the patio.”

The temperature on that Thursday was in the 90s before noon. The patio wasn’t going to work. And TRFG doesn’t have a private indoor space. Where were we going to seat 34 people?

TR dinner party table

But the TRFG crew went into action and essentially turned the front dining space into a banquet room just for us, with a semicircular table arrangement directly across from the kitchen, where we had a good view of chef and managing partner Jared Campbell and his crew as they prepared the meal. It was just right.